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~~April 20, 2016~~ 


Whether you find them adorable, hilarious, creepy – or maybe all of the above – —Evian’s famous advertising babies aren’t going anywhere. And they return today with a splash in a new campaign from BETC Paris that includes a surfing-themed global commercial and North American outdoor ads starring Gigi Hadid.

The new spot, “Baby Bay,” rolled out moments ago online. It features the babies—whose prior amusingly adult-like physical exploits famously included rollerblading—grabbing surfboards and catching some waves, much to the surprise of the one grownup on the beach. (Everyone else has been drinking Evian and reverted to a childlike state, you see, while our confused hero still needs his refreshment, which awaits him at the bar down the beach.)

The tagline remains, “Live Young.”

Check out the 90-second spot.



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Olivia Sanchez-Castro, vp of marketing for Danone Waters of America, spoke to Adweek exclusively about the babies and the secret of their staying power.

“We’re just not tired of them,” she said. “The babies are the embodiment of youth, and that’s always been a part of Evian’s DNA. We don’t feel it’s over yet. It’s about entertainment and the embodiment of youth for us.”

Sanchez-Castro said the surfing theme was a perfect evolution of the campaign. “It’s all about nature, and we felt like it went really well with Evian’s vision of youth,” she said. “It’s this carefree, very relaxed style, and that’s the embodiment of what ‘Live Young’ is for us. We felt this natural setting really brought forth what Evian is, which is this pure water from the Alps.”


Chilling With Gigi Hadid, in Global Campaign The supermodel tell us why she loves the ‘Live Young’ work By Tim Nudd

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~~Evian Baby Bay~~

~~Published on Apr 19, 2016~~

The most amazing surf spot in the world: all surfers are babies!
Surf like a baby on

Agency: BETC
Director: James Rouse
Production team: Wanda & Mikros
Music: Lilly Wood & the Prick cover of the Beach Boys’ Kokomo


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