Sick Personal Computer …. Taking to Store Tomorrow! 

~~July 8, 2016~~


Disconnecting from this grid

It’s been a while that my computer has been making this noise as if “the gears were stuck”.

A wise, computer savvy friend checked it this weekend & updated it to Windows 10. I used it  today …. until now.

When I came over, the screen was totally dark. I tried basic steps. Turned it off & back on.

No response!

I called my friend,  who has been researching on the “noise” and it seems it could be the hard drive.

I used it today until now.

Maybe it’s the best. All that’s been going on these last few days have kept me from blogging as usual.

Right now, I’m on my cell.

If you miss me, you know why.

I’ll take it to store tomorrow to have it checked out.

I’m surprised at how calm I am about this.

I want to make sure that pictures & documents can be recovered.

Could it be time to get a new one?

Ta-ta!! Laters …. Have a good one!



We ALL are ONE!!