Talking about cats …. why “Double Trouble”?


~~September 2, 2014~~ 


Just this morning, my first post was about cats. I’ve always had cats. I love them.

You may have seen Kitty here before. Her pictures were included in my first post this morning.

Look how regal and majestic she looks!! 


I have a story to tell. It just happened now. I was so involved in her rescue that I forgot to take pictures. My aim was to save her. I digress ….. let me start at the beginning! 


Kitty is a black cat that I picked up from the streets. We brought her into the house not knowing what kind of pet she would be. (You really don’t know that at the beginning … you have to live with the animal).

It took some adjusting. In spite of her looking so calm, cool and collected in her pictures, she’s called “Double Trouble” for a reason … this name is too long for the grand-kids, hence the name Kitty.

She was trouble since the beginning. She would climb everywhere .. as you can see above. That’s a corner curio cabinet and she likes to get into that plant. She also likes to climb the entertainment center. And seems to have a “liking” for cables and strings. She has eaten through the cables to the sound bar and has also bit into the strings that move the vertical blinds. Because of this she has been moved to the back porch where she has found her way into the potted plants and loves to take the soil out of the pots. 

Trying to let her get a taste of the outside, we have allowed her to go outside, to the yard and explore. She usually comes back on her own.


Anyway, back to today …… this is her backyard, her playground now. See the hedges to the left? Seems that she climbed over them and went to the neighbors backyard (not a pleasant neighbor). There are no trees or bushes on the other side.

She was taking her time returning home. We heard her calling. My partner says: “she’s next door; she’ll come back“. I though it was the other side and it didn’t worry me.

“No, she’s on the other neighbor’s yard, the one to the left”. Oh, sh*t, we have to go get her! We could hear her meowing for help …. “Come get me, I can’t get out“. I even tried digging a whole on the ground where the edge of the fence is. No dice …..

I took our regular ladder and saw her there, helpless because she has nowhere to climb on and the fences are plastic. How to get her out? I saw a black cord that was tied to the top of the neighbor’s fence. I got a laundry basket thinking that I could use it as an “elevator”. It was a bit past noon. She was hot, she was panting. I knew I had to get her out.

Jeez, I dropped the basket. Now I’m the one who needs help. 

Bottom line …. my partner had to come help me. We used the taller ladder, put in on the inside of the fence and she climbed out faster than you can say that Mary Poppins “super … ” word.

She climbed up and came running to the house, through the garage into her air-conditioned adobe!


Here she is after her rescue … The Queen!! 



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Just this morning, my partner brought me the newspaper. She wanted to show me an article called: “Are we sitting ourselves to death?”

Meaning … you are sitting too much at the computer. Get up and be active.

I think I did my exercise for the day trying to rescue “Double Trouble“!! 


We ALL are ONE!!