At the end of the day …. “Hang in there”!!


~~June 7, 2015~~ย 

When all of your life dreams seem unrealized and nothing for you is going right
Do not give up you just hang in there at the end of your dark tunnel is light
The light that to a better life will light your journey good things come to those who wait
And one day in the not too distant future some success you will celebrate,
You may feel the World is against you but don’t give up you just hang in there
For some life does not seem to be easy and not everything in life seems fair
Millions hungry, Stateless, Homeless and downtrodden of the good life they never will know
In the refugee camps of the World the people with nowhere to go
To as their own and other Governments reject them they live in abject poverty
Compared to them you are so lucky you are living in luxury
Compared to them you must seem well off the house that you live in you own
You never had to sleep in the open and of hunger you never have known,
You feel the whole World is against you and you feel overburdened by care
But the good days are not distant from you so through your lean times hang in there.

~Francis Duggan~




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