To start the day …. “One”!!

~~January 7, 2015~~ 

This poem was written by a very special friend from Holland. Many of you know her. It’s “Just Patty“. In the time that I have been blogging, Patty has become an integral part of my life. We stay in touch frequently and interact in many way. She has become my “Lil Sister” and I have become her “Big Sister”.

Yesterday, she wrote a poem for MJ and me as a present for our special day.

Dear Patty, I have no words that can express the feelings in my heart when I saw this poem dedicated to us. Just know that it touched us deeply and made an impact in our day. This is priceless and will be a part of us forever. 

 I would like to share it with you, readers. 


You can find Patty here


“Dedicated poem for my sis Horty and the love of her life MJ.
Wish I could be with you today. I am in my heart though!”


Once we were two souls                                            
Roaming this earth alone
Until we met each other
Fate edged into stone 

Once we were two spirits
Dwelling in sorrow
Until we saw each other
Life became less hollow 

Once we were two hearts
Longing for love to feel
Until we touched each other
Dreams became real 

Once we were two flames
Burning life away
Until we fell for each other
That unforgettable day 

Once we were two…
Bearing our own burden
Until we loved each other
And we became One

With all my love,
Just Patty.


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We ALL are ONE!!