To start the day …. “Still complaining?”

~~October 28, 2014~~


Many times I run into topics to include in these posts by chance. This is what happened this morning. It is never my intention to offend any one or to make readers sad, or posts depressing topics.

My intention is always to bring forth inspirational ideas, subjects that need our attention, fun topics, music, videos, etc. 

Yet there’s always another side of the coin.

Many times we are bogged down by our reality and that isn’t bad. It is what we live day to day. Yet we forget that there are other human beings who are going through a rough time … sometimes merely because of the geographical location they find themselves in. 

Many times there is nothing that we as individuals are capable of doing. Maybe only being aware of the situation … and count our blessing because there are others who aren’t as lucky as we are.

(Nor is it the intention to tie this post with any religion/church. It so happens that I thought this particular video was well done and illustrated the point.)



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~~Still Complaining?~~

(The Rich and Poor)

~~Uploaded on Dec 10, 2009~~

“My Heart, Your Home (Album Version/Kids)” by Shout Praises! Kids

An attempt to show the gap between the rich and the poor and a wake up call to fortunate people to extend help on third world countries around the world




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We ALL are ONE!!