Something to think about …. “Ooopps, I Did It Again …. Donald Trump, Jr. …. “!!


~~September 20, 2016~~ 


It seems that the Trump lack plenty of gray matter.

I wonder what they have between their ears.

I don’t think there’s any grey matter.

It’s more like sawdust to me.

They don’t even have any original idea.

Copying and plagiarism is the order of their world.



~Man Who Took Trump Jr.’s Skittles Photo Is a Refugee~

The man whose photograph of a bowl of Skittles was used in Donald Trump Jr.’s Monday, evening, September 19,  anti-refugee tweet revealed that he himself is a refugee. David Kittos, 48, from Guildford, England, took the photo and said it was shared without his permission.

“I don’t support his politics and I would never take his money to use it,” Kittos told the BBC.

“In 1974, when I was 6 years old, I was a refugee from the Turkish occupation of Cyprus so I would never approve the use of this image against refugees.”

Kittos reportedly posted the image to Flickr in 2010.

Trump Jr. took the image and added a caption over it:

“If I had a bowl of skittles and I told you just three would kill you, would you take a handful?

That’s our Syrian refugee problem … This image says it all.

Let’s end the politically correct agenda that doesn’t put America first.”

Donald Trump, Jr.



Donald Trump, Jr. Twitter Feed



skitfunredlinebMakers of Skittles to Donald Trump Jr.”

Please leave us out of your analogies

Janell Ross

September 20 at 1:09 PM

Skittles are candy. Refugee are people.

We don’t feel it’s an appropriate analogy.

We will respectfully refrain from further commentary as anything we say could be misinterpreted as marketing.

Donald Trump Jr., eldest son, lifelong pupil and employee of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump Sr., shares many of his father’s beliefs and habits.

One of them is making the time to pontificate via Twitter.

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”

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We ALL are ONE!! 


NYPD …. did it again!!

~~January 4, 2015~~ 

Thousands of city police officers turned their backs Sunday as they watched Mayor Bill de Blasio eulogize an officer shot dead with his partner, repeating a stinging display of scorn for the mayor despite entreaties from the police commissioner not to do so.

The show of disrespect came outside the funeral home where Officer Wenjian Liu was remembered as an incarnation of the American dream: a man who had immigrated at age 12 and devoted himself to helping others in his adopted country. The gesture, among officers watching the mayor’s speech on a screen, added to tensions between the mayor and rank-and-file police even as he sought to quiet them.

‘‘As we start a new year, a year we’re entering with hearts that are doubly heavy’’ from the loss of Officer Liu and his partner, Officer Rafael Ramos, de Blasio said. ‘‘Let us rededicate ourselves to those great New York traditions of mutual understanding and living in harmony. Let us move forward by strengthening the bonds that unite us, and let us work together to attain peace.’’

“As it appears in … full read”




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We ALL are ONE!!