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~~April 21, 2016~~ 


The geniuses who are coming up with these discriminatory laws based on their right to religious freedom, among other things, have nothing but mush in their brains. They also have to much time in their hands.

Idle Hands Are The Devil’s Workshop




One tweet that shows a huge problem with North Carolina’s anti-transgender bathroom law
Updated by German Lopez

“Even if trans people go through all sorts of gender-affirming treatments short of genital construction (like hormone therapy), the North Carolina law, and all others that seem to be popping up like wild flowers, will force them to use the wrong bathroom in schools and government buildings. That could place many people, even non-transgender ones, in some very uncomfortable situations.”




Andy Marlette, Cartoonist

He lives and works in Pensacola, FL

Born and raised by underpaid public school teachers in Sanford, Fla., Andy Marlette graduated from the University of Florida and became staff editorial cartoonist at the Pensacola News Journal in 2007.

Andy’s editorial cartoons have become both hated and adored by daily readers. His work has been awarded by the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors for best editorial cartoons on state issues.






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Tennessee …. On a slippery slope …. Refuse Therapy Law”!!


~~April 14, 2016~~ 


This is all a jumble,fumble of legal jargon.

Basically it’s an overt trampling of a group of citizens, in this great country, who simply are “different”. Different because others make them so.

The big kahunas, who live in some of the houses of law, elected by their constituents, are writing, reviewing and passing these draconian laws. These laws are stripping away basic rights of members of the LGBT community in their states.

At the time of this writing, these are the states, which I’m aware, have passed these laws, are attempting to and may be back pedaling now”

North Carolina



South Carolina

I’m afraid others will follow suit.

At least, some people have strongly come forward to clearly state that this can’t be allowed.

I’m waiting for the President to weigh in on this.

Not holding my breath, though.

Rachel Maddow explained the current situation in some of the listed states and speaks with Joel Ebert, political reporter for The Tennessean, trying to decipher what is going on.

Take a look.



Tennessee Passes Anti-LGBT Counseling Bill
Mental health professionals would be allowed to reject LGBT patients based on “sincerely held principles.”

Tennessee legislators on Monday, April 11, 2016,  passed a bill that could jeopardize access to mental health treatment for LGBT individuals, part of a string of recent anti-LGBT legislation in the South.

The GOP-sponsored bill, which now goes to Gov. Bill Haslam (R), allows therapists and counselors to reject patients they feel would violate “sincerely held principles.”

Gay rights and mental health advocacy groups have protested the bill and urge Haslam to veto it because it could permit mental health professionals to discriminate against LGBT patients without legal liability.

The bill passed by the legislature is a more discriminatory version of legislation approved earlier this year. That measure stated that therapists and counselors could turn away patients based on “sincerely held beliefs.” The state House last week passed a version that expanded grounds for shunning patients to “principles,” which the Senate approved on Monday.

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Clay Bennett, Cartoonist

Andy Marlette, Cartoonist

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What The Media Need To Know About Tennessee’s New Anti-LGBT Bill

Here’s what the media need to know about this unprecedented law.

On April 11, the Tennessee legislature passed HB 1840. The bill allows private practice therapists and counselors to reject patients if their “goals, outcomes, or behaviors” would violate the “sincerely held principles” of the provider. The bill now goes to Gov. Bill Haslam (R), who has yet to indicate whether he will sign it into law.


This Isn’t A Typical “Religious Freedom” Bill

The Bill Violates The Ethics Of All Major Counseling Professionals

Anti-LGBT Extremists Are Behind The Push For HB 1840

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~North Carolina Anti-Gay Law Backlash A Caution For Tennessee~

Rachel Maddow

~Published on Apr 13, 2016~

Joel Ebert, political reporter for The Tennessean, talks with Rachel Maddow about whether the boycotts and economic penalties (including being blocked by a porn site) being suffered by North Carolina over its anti-gay discrimination law helped Tennessee politicians reconsider a pending anti-trans bathroom bill.



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