IOTD …. Image of the day, #611 …. “I’m kinda lost …. Where do I go? …. “!!


~~December 28, 2016~~ 


In all truth, I have no words.

This is a picture saying a thousand words.

No need for more.




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Something to think about …. “White Invaders …. Leave Our Land …. “!!


~~October 17, 2016~~ 


~Native Americans and the Federal Government~

At the start of the twentieth century there were approximately 250,000 Native Americans in the USA – just 0.3 per cent of the population – most living on reservations where they exercised a limited degree of self-government.

During the course of the nineteenth century they had been deprived of much of their land by forced removal westwards, by a succession of treaties (which were often not honored by the white authorities) and by military defeat by the USA as it expanded its control over the American West.

In 1831 the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Marshall, had attempted to define their status. He declared that Indian tribes were ‘domestic dependent nations’ whose ‘relation to the United States resembles that of a ward to his guardian’. Marshall was, in effect, recognizing that America’s Indians are unique in that, unlike any other minority, they are both separate nations and part of the United States.

This helps to explain why relations between the federal government and the Native Americans have been so troubled.


A guardian prepares his ward for adult independence, and so Marshall’s judgement implies that US policy should aim to assimilate Native Americans into mainstream US culture. But a guardian also protects and nurtures a ward until adulthood is achieved, and therefore Marshall also suggests that the federal government has a special obligation to care for its Native American population.

As a result, federal policy towards Native Americans has lurched back and forth, sometimes aiming for assimilation and, at other times, recognizing its responsibility for assisting Indian development.

… and it continues to this day!! 



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Philip Joseph Mendoza Jr.


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Thoughts for today, #271 …. “Who Wouldn’t Feel the Same?”!!


~~October 22, 2015~~ 


Almost as long as there has been life, war has been a part of it.

Mankind continues to wage war even though the consequences often breed nothing but misery.

However, when a person is called to defend his or her country, or protect other defenseless people, it is his duty to fight.

There is no question that there is evil in the world and we must not rest on our laurels and say it is none of our business.

We cannot stand by and watch while others are being persecuted.

It is the duty of mankind to uphold justice.





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At the end of the day …. “What has our country become?”


~~September 10, 2014~~ 

Tomorrow is another anniversary of 9-11

I’ve been watching TV tonight, something I don’t do frequently. I get most of my information through the posts here, in the blogosphere. It’s really interesting how fast news are spread here than through the news channels.

Tonight is a night where I have no words. All I have is raw feelings. 

personal situations

envy, jealousy, hate

education, health, infrastructure

state of many cities in our country

state of our country

domestic violence

society’s values and priorities


state of the world

pollution, waste, lack of,discrimination, persecution, inequality, displacement, abuse, prejudice, ignorance, moral values, inaction, conflicts, wars, killings … you add your own. 


A very good friend just told me:

“”We stand for freedom, for justice, for dignity.These are values that have guided our nation since its founding.” Except Here In America. DO NOT ask Americans to fight for foreign freedoms when Americans are NOT free in America.”

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These are some of the recent post that have come my way tonight. They are excellent. Stop and read. Get another perspective


~~Valentine Logar~~





“Coming Out Of The Dark”

Why be afraid if I’m not alone
Though life is never easy the rest is unknown
Up to now for me it’s been hands against stone
Spent each and every moment
Searching for what to believe

Coming out of the dark, I finally see the light now
It’s shining on me
Coming out of the dark I know the love that saved me
You’re sharing with me

Starting again is part of the plan
And I’ll be so much stronger holding your hand
Step by step I’ll make it through I know I can
It may not make it easier but I have felt you
Near all the way

Coming out of the dark, i finally see the light now
It’s shining on me
Coming out of the dark I know the love that saved me
You’re sharing with me

Forever, forever I stand on the rock of your love
Forever I’ll stand on the rock
Forever, forever I stand on the rock of your love
Love is all it takes, no matter what we face

Coming out of the dark, i finally see the light now
It’s shining on me
Coming out of the dark I know the love that saved me
You’re sharing with me



Music soothes me, quiets my mind, comforts my soul

~~Published on Oct 4, 2013~~

Music video by Gloria Estefan performing Coming Out Of The Dark.



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Many graphics courtesy of my friends J & V


We ALL are ONE!! 


At the end of the day …. Ocean and Earth, one heartbeat!!


~~August 10, 2014~~

So many negative things are happening in our world. They happen at family/personal level. at the country’s level, at the nations’ level and the world level. 

Injustices, intolerance, abuse, brutality, hunger, diseases, inequality, persecution, discrimination, violence, racism, sectarianism, wars, displacement, rapes, killings are the order of the day.

Religion has taken over in a fanatical wave. Control over others is the goal.

It’s good for the mind and soul to get away if only for a bit and recharge.

Take a look at this video and momentarily escape before reality hits you again. 


~~Ocean & Earth – One Heartbeat~~

~~Published on Jun 23, 2014~~

Mark Jones

“We have the earth on which we all live, and for many the ocean is a world that is unexplored, yet what most fail to understand is that without the oceans, life will not exist. Not just the fish, but our lives, because we rely on the oceans and the creatures that live there more than you may ever comprehend and once it is gone, it will never return and we will fade into dust.

What I have shown here is just a glimpse of some of the beauty I have come to see and marvel at, and I hope that one day you get to experience this same beauty and totally appreciate that the ocean and earth are one heartbeat.”


We ALL are connected through HUMANITY!! 


We ALL are ONE!! 

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