Something to think about …. “Cell phones down …. or else …. the check, please”!!


~~April 12, 2016~~


The Phone Stacking Game: Let’s Make This A Thing

Posted Feb 4, 2012 by Anthony Ha

Here’s how it works

At the beginning of the meal, everyone puts their phone face down at the center of the table. As time goes on, you’ll hear various calls, texts, and emails, but you can’t pick up your phone. If you’re the first one to give in to temptation, you’re buying dinner for everyone else. If no one picks up, then everyone pays for themselves.

You can explain the game in a few different ways. Most obviously, it could be a protest against the incessant, unthinking use of cell phones during social gatherings. Or maybe it’s a game that acknowledges the new reality and tests your willpower accordingly.

Personally, I like to think of it as a free market exercise.

After all, people love to say, “Sorry, but I have to take this.” Do you have to answer it? Really? Is it that important to you? Great, then you can pay.

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The Phone Stacking Game: Let’s Make This A Thing



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We ALL are ONE!! 


“Runway Reversal” …. strong message from PETA!!


~~September 3, 2014~~

Runway Reversal … say NO to fur!! 

What if someone wore YOUR skin down a runway?

Warning: This is what you’re going to think of with every piece of fur you see during New York Fashion Week.



“As it appears in …. ”

New York Fashion Week is a citywide series of twice-annually occurring fashion events, which has multiple producers.

New York Fashion Week, held in February and September of each year, is a biannual series of events (generally lasting 7–9 days) when international fashion collections are shown to buyers, the press and the general public. It consists of numerous branded events, including Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York and MADE Fashion Week, as well as numerous independent fashion productions around town. It is one of five major fashion weeks in the world, along with those in Paris, London, Berlin, and Milan.


~~Runway Reversal~~

~~Published on Apr 17, 2013~~

Millions of animals are slaughtered for fashion every year. What if the tables were turned? What if humans had to endure the painful skinning that animals endure for “fashion”? Before buying real skins, put yourself in the animals’ position.

Help animals now and pledge never to wear fur, leather, wool, down, or exotic skins.


We ALL are ONE!!