Flaming June

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– the Frederic Leighton painting.  For the 1997 trance song by BT, see Flaming June (song).
Artist Frederic Leighton
Type Oil on canvas
Dimensions 120 cm × 120 cm (47 in × 47 in)
Location Ponce Museum of Art, Ponce, Puerto Rico

Flaming June is a painting by Sir Frederic Leighton, produced in 1895.

Painted with oil paints on a 47″ x 47″ square canvas, it is widely considered to be Leighton’s magnum opus, showing his classicist nature.



It is thought that the woman portrayed alludes to the figures of sleeping nymphs and naiads the Greeks often sculpted. The (toxic) Oleander branch in the top right, symbolizes the fragile link between sleep and death.

The actress Dorothy Dene and Mary Lloyd, who was depicted in paintings by various Pre-Raphaelite artists, have been variously credited with modeling for the work.

Flaming June was auctioned in the 1960’s, during a period of time known to be difficult for selling Victorian era paintings, where it failed to sell for its low reserve price of $140 USD (the equivalent of $840 in contemporary prices).



Afterward, it was promptly purchased by the Ponce Museum of Art in Ponce, Puerto Rico where it currently resides.



**I’ve seen the original. It is absolutely beautiful. A sight to see …. a sense of peace and tranquility to behold.

Brings back memories!! Love it ….

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Art Reproduction (Leighton – Flaming June) Hand-Painted Step by Step

Uploaded on Sep 13, 2011

Process of Museum Quality Hand-Painted Reproducing
performer: TOPofART.com Art Reproductions Studio
title: Flaming June, 1895
artist: Lord Frederick Leighton
Location: Museo de Arte Ponce, Puerto Rico

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Museo de Arte – Ponce, Puerto Rico


~~Lord Leighton The Most Important Artist Of The Nineteenth Century~~

Lord Leighton

Lord Leighton came of a family of intellect and culture, which was, however, not especially artistic.

His grandfather, Sir James Leigh-ton, was physician to the Court at St. Petersburg and received the honor of knighthood. His father, Dr. Frederic Leighton, also followed the profession of medicine, and in his early married life, in the hope of inheriting Sir James’s position, settled in the Russian capital, where his two eldest children were horn.

A partial deafness contracted through taking cold necessitated his giving up active practice, and from this time he devoted himself to the study of natural and mental philosophy, and was noted for his keen intellectual ability and general culture. His wife’s ill-health made it imperative that they should leave St Petersburg, so they returned to England and settled for a time in Scarborough, Yorkshire, where Frederic, the third child, was born, on December 3, 1830.


There were two other children in the family, but only Frederic and two sisters, Alexandra and Augusta, who became respectively Mrs. Sutherland-Orr and Mrs. Matthews, survived childhood. Frederic, who never married, was a most devoted son and brother.

When the lad was only ten years old the family traveled to Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. In fact, on account of his mother’s health the family life seems to have been a wandering one for a number of years, Bath, England, being finally determined upon as a place of residence.


These travels were a great opportunity to the young Frederic, who took lessons in drawing at Rome of Signor Meli, and filled a number of sketch-books with drawings said to have been very precocious. In 1844 the boy declared his passion for art, and his father showed his work to Hiram Powers, who lived in Italy, asking, “Shall I make him an artist ?” to which the American sculptor re-plied, “Sir, you have no choice in the matter; he is one already.”

Source: http://www.kingsgalleries.com/lord-leighton/