31 day blogging challenge … Day 2 … June 2, 213


31 day blogging challenge ... Day 2 ... June 2, 213

I started this morning – a day late.

Started the “31 Day Blog Challenge”! So let me catch up!

Day 2: Question is “20 Facts About You”

1. I was born in a tropical island – Puerto Rico
2. My family was small …. My Dad, Mom and an older brother
3. They have all passed on
4. I use bifocal glasses
5. Went to a private, Catholic school from kindergarten to high school
6. Learned all my values and knowledge at that school
7. Always knew I wanted to live in the USA
8. Love music
9. Have an extensive music CD collection
10. Currently live in the city of Apopka, Florida
11. Happily retired after almost 28 years working with the government
12. Reading is one of my passions
13. I’m almost a full time employee for Facebook … LOL
14. My favorite color is green
15. I have a hip replacement
16. May be looking at a knee replacement
17. Friendly, funny and lovable
18. Metaphysical and spiritual topics are very interesting to me
19. I am a very loyal friend
20. And ….. I’m gay!!! ….. and PROUD.

We ALL are ONE!!! We ALL fight the fight!