At the end of the day ….


At the end of the day ....

Scientific studies have shown that forests and other natural green environments have positive health benefits.

After spending time in these types of surroundings, people report having a reduction in stress, anger and aggressiveness. Recovery time from stressful situations is faster in natural, green surroundings than in urban areas.

Natural surroundings have also been found to improve mood and reduce depression. Still more reports show that spending time in nature helps to lower blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and stress hormone levels.


****So, at the end of the day …. time spend in Nature will heal the woes that ail you!!

We ALL are ONE!! We ALL are connected by Nature!!

Other health benefits related to forests and other green areas are immune system improvements and a reduction of ADHD symptoms in children. According to Dr. Eeva Karjalainen of the Finnish Forest Research Institute, “Preserving green areas and trees in cities is very important to help people recover from stress, maintain health and cure diseases.” Related studies on flowers and stress have demonstrated that plant fragrances have the ability to reduce stress when inhaled by changing gene activity and blood chemistry.