Agri-giants to get nearly $1 trillion … what about the small farmers?


Agri-giants to get nearly $1 trillion ... what about the small farmers?

New Farm Bill to Victimize Americans While Further Empowering the Robber Baron Class

‘There are no farms in Manhattan, but residents there have collected subsidies totaling nearly $9 million in the past seven years. Recipients also include Mark F. Rockefeller ($356,018) and David Rockefeller ($591,057).

Yes, the Rockefeller family (Standard Oil, Chase Manhattan Bank, etc.).’ A recent report by the Heritage Foundation titled, The Rich and the Famous at the Farm Bill Trough illustrates that giveaways to agri-giants and fat cat bankers is the rule in D.C., not the exception.

The looting doesn’t stop with bankers and agri-giants, actual members of Congress and their families collect these subsidies as well.

Lynda L. Lucas, the wife of House Agriculture Committee chairman Frank Lucas (R–OK), collected $40,613

Senator Charles Grassley (R–IA), has collected $955,192 in taxpayer subsidies from 1995 through 2012.

Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-Calif.), has received more than $5 million in crop subsidies


….. and the injustices, unfairness, looting, wrongs continue!

Who has to stop it? If not the authorities, then the people!!

We ALL are ONE!! We ALL fight the fight!!!
Let’s join forces!!