Baby elephants …. abused at the circus!!


On Wednesday, October 23, 2013, the Los Angeles City Council moved to ban the use of bullhooks on elephants (Yay!)
Los Angeles is the ONLY city to ban the bullhooks, and it is the hope that it will set an example for other cities.As stated by Cher in her letter to the City Council, “Your ‘yes’ vote will put Los Angeles on the right side of history and firmly in the forefront of great cities …of the world that have made the moral and ethical choice to protect elephants from abuse.”The tool is used to inflict pain and fear onto the elephant in an effort to train them. The elephants are prodded with these sharp objects to guide them through activities such as circus training.You can donate to Voice for the Animals Foundation here – Credit: PETA

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As former Ringling Brothers employees have described, there is a culture of abuse at the circus that includes the constant use of bull hooks and other weapons on the elephants and keeping the elephants chained for most of their lives.
.. in chains!

.. in chains!

During the initial days, the young elephant is dragged to the training area against its will. This often cruel and painful process is intended to “break the will” of the young elephant and gain its total submission.  This process normally takes about a week.

Dragging the baby elephant ...

Dragging the baby elephant …

Afterwards, the young elephant is tied to a wooden frame or between two trees, where it can’t move, but it tries over and over again to break free from the rope. The trainer uses the tactics of fear, pain, hunger, and thirst until the elephant stops resisting and totally submits. As the elephant starts to accept its fate, the trainer will allow it to take a bath and eat.


Many against one .... smaller animal!

Many against one …. smaller animal!

The disturbing pictures were taken by a former trainer with hidden camera which campaigners say reveal the brutal reality of how elephants are prepared for circus work.

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Using the bullhook ...

Using the bullhook …

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We can .....

We can …..