“The Beautiful Blog” …..


~~February 4, 2014~~

Where art inspires beauty and peace, there is serenity.

The idea for this blog started on Facebook with a Play it back and forth post-it game. The idea being to post a piece of art by an artist another player had given you. It went a little crazy and now we are here ready to share the talents of the artists we find along the way.


To play on the blog a slight rule change please comment on a post and the poster will give you an artist.

Mild erotica is fine but nothing over the top as this blog is an open one. Also always credit the artist and if possible give a link to their work.

For years art has been an escape into peace and harmony.

To share that is an awesome opportunity. If you want to help us spread a little beauty in cyberspace all you have to do is click the contact button to let us know and you will be given an artist to get your posts rolling.



I received this notification from WordPress today: 

First Post!

~~Congratulations on writing your first post on The Beautiful Blog~~


Here’s the link to that  first post:

J.W. Waterhouse ….. Looking for beauty and meaning …. in WordPress now!!



I find this so interesting and exciting!! 

Come on by, take a look and see if you like. You may want to follow this new “beautiful blog”.

Posts will keep on coming. Keep an eye out! 


We ALL are ONE!!


We ALL are connected through this wonderful WEB!!