Rose and her son Joe ….. an update!!


~~January 21, 2014~~ 

I hate that they still can’t determine exactly what kind of cancer it is. I hate seeing him in pain ALL the time, no matter how many drugs they give him. I hate sitting there feeling helpless, wishing I could rip it out at its core.
I hate the anxiety of the unknown – is chemo working? Why is he having so many complications daily? No one can answer …. I hate the look of empathy and sadness on the faces of every nurse that takes care of him- don’t they know we look to them for strength? Seeing the sadness in their eyes breaks me even more.
(Please don’t be offended – I understand what I see in their eyes is pure human emotion and pain, but I’m being irrational right now in this venting corner).
Ugh, so angry ….
Yeah … just really hating a lot right now, and I don’t want to ….
Thanks for listening!



Rose: Gotta get it out, G… Or it’ll eat me up from the inside …. Love you!


Yes, you absolutely do, and you know you can feel safe doing so because we are here for you. As a mother, I can’t even begin to imagine what you are going through. If you’re going to stay strong, you have to be able to vent and release that pressure as often as you need to. Love you back.

Vent, vent, vent!!! Fk scream, yell, and get on that punching bag Rosie!! You need to get that shit out, call me if you need a yelling partner! Loveee u!


You’re feeling human raw emotion. You are expected and allowed to vent. It is a sad situation ….. all around. We are here for you …. We can take what you dish out. Use us as your shield, as your protection. As your strength. Thoughts, prayers, energy.

Chemo is hard!


Don’t apologize for your feelings you are going through normal emotions…. You need to vent it’s good to let it out prayers for you and your family always.

Fuck cancer … from someone who has been through it/still going through it. Vent … let it out … I pray that they figure out exactly what’s going on … I pray for no pain and strength to get you and your family through this. If you need to talk … feel free to IM me anytime. I’m a good listener.


Rose: *stretches neck and rolls shoulders* ok, ok …. time to sweep the negativity out.

THINGS I LOVE RIGHT NOW: my kids, my Lyd Med, my friends and family, the fact that my son is getting the best possible treatment available to him right now, the fact that I’m able-bodied enough to get up every morning and do the damn thang …

*broom in hand* sweep, sweep, sweep ….


We ALL are ONE!!


Win – Brian McKnight


Uploaded on Nov 22, 2007

This song talks about more of believing in yourself that you can be somebody else in this world we live in. Through this song, it gives me more courage to face all the obstacles that i may encounter in the life that i have chosen. Hope that you’ll also be inspired with this music.

We ALL are connected through ENERGY!!


Won’t lay down and just take it!!