This is a story that I need to tell ….. Rose and her son Joe!


~~January 20, 2014~~ 


This is my amazing, dear friend Rose and her son Joe Catino (who I don’t know personally). Rose is a very hard working person, a fierce mom, a long distance bicycle rider who is facing a serious family and health situation with her son.


I picked up that something wrong was going.


~~December 11, 2013~~

“My son is back in the hospital.

Facebook Warriors … please keep him in prayer and send him positive energy … thank you.”


I thought it was a simple medical condition since Joe is only 19 years old.

~~December 12, 2013~~

UPDATE: Joe is back in his room. Procedure went well. Next up-bone scan at 5:30 … then we wait for the r results, could take 3-5 days. Thank you everyone keeping him lid with positive energy and prayers.”


~~January 1, 2014~~

JOE UPDATE: Apparently the hell hole in Davenport didn’t collect enough tissue from the biopsy to do an actual pathology … U know, the thing necessary to know what type of cancer he has and what medicine might work best. Idk, kinda FUCKING IMPORTANT. I am beside myself right now. Joe is having another biopsy tomorrow, on his liver. Keep the prayers coming family, for Joe’s healing and for my sanity … cuz imma go ham real soon on the Heart of Florida.


~~January 6, 2014~~

I know I need to stay strong for my family … hell, in our family there’s no other choice. But … Damn … I’m over all these life lessons. Enough, ok? Because – and I’m being sincerely honest – I don’t know if I can keep riding with you, my dude … Every trial and tribulation in life may have shaken my faith but it never broke. Don’t know if imma make it through this lesson with my faith intact. I’ve been your ride or die chick even though you decided my mom, my sis, my bro, and many friends throughout life should be with you instead of us … didn’t matter that some of us still needed them here. I stayed your ride or die chick even through the years I lived through abuse at the hands of my own father. But this here battle, this here lesson … I just don’t know … I will stay strong because there is never another choice, but if you take my son …  I’m done with you.


~~January 7, 2014~~

Ok …yesterday was a bad day … off the pity pot … Shoulders dusted and straightened … BACK ON TRACK!!


~~January 8, 2014~~

UPDATE ON JOE: Results from pathology report state the cancer originated from kidney, but is extremely aggressive. Being that it is attacking several organs, targeted chemotherapy is not an option; neither is surgery, for now. Oncologist agrees that Moffitt Center is one of the best options for him – if they have any open clinical trials, and if he is eligible for them. Two big IF‘s.




Old hospital gave us a number and address and sent us on our way, THIS hospital has an oncologist who picks up the phone to call a colleague who works there, and sends his records over so they can review right away. So, we may get fast-tracked into a clinical trial because his doctor actually wants to help him get better. Plan B: If there are no open clinical trials, or none that he is eligible for, we start chemo here, at Florida Hospital, right away. They need to administer the kind that will combat it overall, throughout his body.

Either way, we FINALLY have a plan of action! AND WE READY…


~~January  14, 2014~~

Just sent off the last email needed to Moffitt. They now have his complete file, but has to be reviewed for approval into the clinical trial … Now we wait some more …. ugh!!

~~January 16, 2014~~

Moffit was a bust… Chemo regimen starts today. If you believe in a higher power, I beg you … please pray for Joe to remain strong as he faces this fight. I also ask that you pray for me … I feel a rage building … I will not break … at least not as long as he needs me … but I feel like a raw nerve ….


       Its good to see him sleeping peacefully … no pain right now.

Dr. Shea, a leading oncologist in treatment of this type of cancer from New York, is being consulted for the most effective regimen. They will be prepping Joe shortly for a pic line …


~~January 17, 2014~~

My friends put together a dinner for Joe last night. I’m left speechless and humbled by the outpouring of love. Thank you just isn’t enough … I am renewed in strength by your beautiful souls and sooooooo much love and positive energy.

All I can say is I love you all!!



~~January 19, 2014~~

JOE UPDATE: he had 4 different types of chemo over the last two days. Now he gets 2 weeks down, then 2 more days of treatment. Breathing continues to improve; heart rate is still running a little high. His platelets were low enough to need 2bags of blood. When I left, he had just finished downloading 3 games on his PS Vita, 2 of which he exclaimed were “classics”.

~~I think he likes his PS Vita 2~~


~~Joe Catino … Circa 2009~~ 


Joe just wanted to say a little something …. IN HIS OWN WORDS!!!

~~Link to his personal message~~


We ALL are ONE!!

This is how you fight cancer …. By circling the wagons around those in need. Friendship bonds grow stronger.

We have each other’s’ back.

Rose and Joe ….. you are NOT alone!!!


Bill Conti – Gonna fly now (Rocky)

Hey guys just passing along the message. Great people and great friends.  Every penny counts. Let’s try to get Rose Hornedo son the treatment he needs. Let’s not let cancer take over, let us over come the battle they are going thru.
Help if you can and click the link to donate!

We ALL are behind YOU!!