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British Royal Family:
Royal Baby Surprise 2 weeks for Prince William & Duchess Kate baby
UK News …. 20 June, 2013 | 13:38  

The Queen's Birthday Parade: Trooping the Colour

Will it be a girl or a boy ? In less than Two weeks, the Royal offspring at Windsor is expected. The British bursting with curiosity, but the expectant Prince William and Kate want to be surprised.

In less than a month so be it far, Britain has a new heir to the throne. Or a princess successor to the throne. For Prince William and Duchess Catherine will be surprised. The couple do not know the sex of her baby, said a spokesman for the British Royal family. 

A few months ago was only known that the 31-year-old a boy, Prince William, however, a girl wished. The baby is expected in mid-July. The exact date has not been disclosed to parents.

So much uncertainty can poorly tolerated because even the British. Every detail, which can excavate the media is eagerly received. Thus the pregnant Kate on Saturday complete their last public appointment, the birthday party of the Majesty Queen. 

The birth to take place in the private Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London. Here also once Prince William was born. The “Daily Telegraph” and the “Daily Mail” reported that Kate would bring the child to the world in a natural way.

William plans to be present at the birth, and follows his father Charles, who ignored the Royal rules at his birth in 1982 and Diana escorted into the delivery room. The “Daily Mail” to have learned also that even mother and sister of the Duchess, Pippa and Carole Middleton, will be present. 

It would be a further departure from the protocol: So the Middleton family would find out the gender of the heir to the throne for the Queen.

Royal Baby Birth: Two weeks of paternity leave

Britain's Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge arrive at Westminster Abbey to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's coronation in London

The rest of the country will have to wait much longer. It is not yet decided when the baby’s name will be announced. When Prince William had once lasted several days. Prince Harry’s name, however, was announced right after birth. 

The subjects will be informed with an official notice on a board at the main entrance of Buckingham Palace about the imminent arrival of the next generation. Compliant tradition it is the same panel, also with the Williams birth was announced.

In the event that Kate gets her labor when she is not in London, alternative hospitals in England have already been selected. Their security people are all emergency scenarios in the image and bring it into one of the hospitals when needed.

If the new offspring once there is hardly rest stop off at the Royale family life. Prince William will take only two weeks of paternity leave. It is unclear how long it can stay at home cat. But one thing is certain: the British will be enchanted.

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We ALL are ONE!! We ALL are waiting for this bundle of joy!!