The benefits of a digital detox ….

Digital Detox

by: Michelle Maros is a writer for the Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life blog.

“We are all fully aware that we live in an age filled with technology. We are constantly being bombarded by some form of technology; whether it is the cell phone glued to our hand, the computer, the radio, or the television in front of our face. I have to admit, I am one of those people who always has some form of technology on me. I check emails a lot, I check social media, and I check texts- almost to an annoying extent. (Just ask my family and friends!)

A few weekends ago I was in for a big surprise when I went out of the country for a few days, thinking I would have access to all the things I take for granted on a daily basis. Suffice to say I was shocked when I checked my phone to see “No Service” for three consecutive days. I know it sounds absurd to be disappointed about this for such a short period of time while on vacation, and yes, it is, but I was able to see the lesson in this and realize what we all miss out on when we are so focused on technology day after day. It almost seems foreign to think back to a time where technology wasn’t such a big part of our lives. How did we function? What were our lives like?

This experience taught me that sometimes, the simpler way of life is better; the less “connected” you are with the outside world, the more connected you are with yourself.

Check out some other interesting benefits of detoxing from technology from time to time:

1. Truly enjoy quality time with loved ones. When you don’t have Internet and phone access you have the ability to be with those you love, and really appreciate their presence. You pay more attention to what other people are saying and you give more meaning to the time spent with those you care about.

2. Being more present and mindful. When you don’t have a phone or computer to constantly check in on you are able to be more in the moment and purposeful with your actions.

3. Take more in of your surroundings. No matter where you are, there is always something beautiful about the world we live in. Being more present allows you to really be aware of the amazing things that this life has to offer.

4. More time to get in alignment with yourself. When you aren’t always focusing on the outward life you create more time to focus inward. What makes you happy? What brings you peace? You can find the answers to these questions when you begin to detach from the digital life.

What do you think you could do this week to detach, even just a little, from technology? How would it make you feel? Let us know!”

About Michelle

Michelle Maros is a writer for the Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life blog. She received a degree in Journalism from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Most recently, she became a certified yoga teacher and a holistic health coach. Michelle splits her time between Chicago and Florida. If you would like to contact Michelle, please email her at

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