To start the day ……


To start the day ......


Ended the day with the news of her passing. Still waking up with Talia on my mind. I’m sure she will be on the minds of the many she touched.

The young, spunky teenager with a mature, “old” soul whose journey in life was cut short …..


Thank the technology of youtube …. you will always be here!!

Castellano showed remarkable strength beyond her years and beauty as she delighted millions of people around the world. Her Youtube videos centered on make-up application tutorials and days following her death, the star will rise as her Youtube views increase in honor of the deceased virtual princess.

In the fall of 2012, Castellano told ‘,’
“I feel proud that I have accomplished so much on YouTube, have so many people watching and now taking seriously how childhood cancer don’t have enough funding.”

The same year, daytime talk show host Ellen from ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ announced Castellano had been named ‘CoverGirl’ of the month. The company created a path of fans as they humbly honored the brave beauty with such acclaim typically reserved for celebrities. No one could ever forget the shock, wonder and beauty of Castellano’s face as she saw the portrait of herself, ‘CoverGirl Talia’ emblazoned across the top.

At seven years old, Castellano was diagnosed with cancer. Late last year Castellano and her family were advised her cancer had spread to her bone marrow. Not one to be held down by dismal news, Castellano continued to create her make-up tutorials on Youtube.

The young video starlet gained hundreds of thousands of fans, from neighbors to Hollywood everyone inspired from Castellano’s resilience. Bruno Mars were so touched by her strength they sent Castellano a personal message, “Your courage – inspiring. Your spirit – infectious. You – amazing! Just the way you are!!”

Neuroblastoma is a rare type of cancer that affects infants and young children. It is so rare, many doctors may not be aware of the terminology. Currently, there are only about 700 active cases in the nation. It is typically found during an average checkup in the form of a tumor or the child stating discomfort, stemming from a hardened lump on their body. The symptoms of neuroblastoma includes; a lump in the abdomen, neck or chest; bulging eyes; dark circles around the eyes; bone pain, swollen stomach; bluish lumps under the skin in babies and the inability for children to move any specific body part around. It is a condition that will grow in the search engines as millions want to understand the illness.

Talia Castellano showed the world how one brave teenager battled the ugliness of illness by demonstrating her own brand of signature beauty. Beautiful she will continue to be. Ellen DeGeneres, CoverGirl and thousands more issued their solemn condolences today. Youtube sensation 13-year-old Talia Castellano dies but will never be forgotten. During one of her last videos posted late last year, the forever angel stated,

“The journey of having cancer has been amazing, but every journey has to have an end.”

*****TALIA ….. you fly to Heaven because “Heaven must have sent you” ……. and now they need you back!!!