Something to think about …. “Earth versus Human … “!!


~~January 4, 2016~~ 


Two men arguing loudly on the street

One is debating on Earth’s natural resources and the other is exaggerating on the need for oil, fossil fuels and other resources taken from Earth.

All out basic resources are inherently limited.

As human populations continue to expand and finite resources are divided among increasing numbers of people, it will become more and more difficult to maintain prosperity and a quality of life and personal freedoms will decline.

But overall, we are winning. 



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Protecting the environment isn’t a “liberal” idea; it’s everybody’s business.

Liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, black, white, rich, poor, employed, unemployed …. you get the idea.

The environment provides life support for us all, and if we fail to recognize that, we are truly doomed as a civilization.

Truth #1

The Earth’s resources are limited.

Truth #2

Each person living in modern civilization consumes some amount of the Earth’s limited resources.

Truth #3

Humans are altering the environment

Truth #4

Humans really like to have babies


Can humanity save itself?

Saving human civilization from its own ignorance is no easy task. It will require intelligent, forward-thinking business leaders who see the long-term picture and who genuinely care about the future.

Yet sadly, there is no such thing.

Business leaders are, by definition, focused on the next fiscal quarter, not the next century. They will ALWAYS mortgage our collective future to increase their immediate profits.

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We ALL are connected through HUMANITY!! 


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~The human impact on this Earth~

~Uploaded on Mar 28, 2011~

Just as a disclaimer, I made this video when I was 13. We all live in such a beautiful world, and humans really are beautiful souls with such great potential, we just have to reawaken to who we are, ridding ourselves of ignorance. The more truth we see, the more we can do to change our ways into more productive habits. And it really all does begin with caring. First about ourselves, then other people, then the world. Even though we cannot take on the responsibility of the entire earth, we can take personal responsibility; pledge to our Earth, and everything on it.

Wave Of Change


We ALL are ONE!!