Distract Citizens …. “Through Fear Campaigns”!!


~~February 18, 2016~~ 


… they won’t be paying attention to other things ..

Fear mongering is the deliberate use of fear based tactics including exaggeration and continual repetition to alter the perception of the public in order to achieve a desired outcome.

Probably the best-known example in American politics, pre-9/11, is the Daisy television commercial, a famous campaign television advertisement beginning with a little girl standing in a meadow with chirping birds, picking the petals of a daisy while counting each petal slowly. When she reaches “9”, an ominous-sounding male voice is then heard counting down a missile launch, and as the girl’s eyes turn toward something she sees in the sky, the camera zooms in until her pupil fills the screen, blacking it out.

When the countdown reaches zero, the blackness is replaced by the flash and mushroom cloud of a nuclear explosion.

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The Free Thought Project


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It is the mission of the Free Thought Project to foster the creation and expansion of liberty minded solutions to modern day tyrannical oppression. We feel that the internet has given way to a revolution of consciousness by providing for the massive and instantaneous exchange of information across the globe.

The Free Thought Project feels that the internet is a place that can either ruin or expand the mind’s of individuals and that choice is up to you. Hateful and obstinate ideologies cloud the web and often the minds of those who can’t see through them. We want to change this paradigm by providing a beacon of truth amongst all the lies.

The Free Thought Project is a place for people to come together, who don’t necessarily agree on all topics, but who want to see a brighter, freer, and more sustainable future for humanity.


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To start the day …. “Google – Year in Search 2014”!!


~~January 21, 2015~~ 

Google’s Top Searches For 2014 Revealed

Google has released its year ending top search list for 2014, which is filled with few surprises.

Robin Williams’ death was the most globally searched news on the search engine. The comedian passed away this year after committing suicide. That was followed by the FIFA World Cup, which happened in Brazil and which was won by Germany. At number three was the dreaded disease Ebola, which continues to rock African nations. Following in at fourth was the ill-fated MH370 flight that disappeared without a clue along with its 239 passengers. The top five was rounded off by the ALS Ice bucket challenge, which involved emptying a cold bucket of ice and water over oneself and donating money to ALS charity and research. At six came the biggest surprise and that was the mobile game ‘Flappy Bird’. The simple game that went viral came ahead of ISIS and the incidents in Ferguson, Missouri.

Unlike past years, this time around no natural calamity found a place in the top ten list. The top ten was rounded off by the Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst, terrorist organization ISIS, the animated movie Frozen and Sochi Winter Olympics.

In the list for doodles, Google’s doodle for the Philae lander that landed on the 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko was the ninth most popular doodle. The FIFA World Cup Doodle came first.

As for tech-consumer goods, the most searched item was iPhone 6, followed by Samsung Galaxy S5 at five, Nexus 6 and Moto G. Researchers were surprised that Samsung Galaxy S5 came second, considering the hype the product had created.



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Amongst the most searched celebrities Jennifer Lawrence took the top spot. She was in the news for her new movie and her personal images, which were leaked by hackers. She was followed by reality star, Kim Kardashian and Julie Gayet, the French film actress whose affair with French President Francois Hollande hit the headlines earlier this year.

Colombian footballer James Rodriguez was the most searched athlete, followed by Michael Schumacher. The seven time Formula One champion suffered a serious head injury during a skiing holiday a year ago.

Over at Yahoo’s search, the top 10 was filled with celebrities, though Ebola took the top spot. Bing put out separate lists for athletes, celebrities and musicians, which were topped by LeBron James, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce respectively.

At six came the biggest surprise and that was the mobile game ‘Flappy Bird’. The simple game that went viral came ahead of ISIS and the incidents in Ferguson, Missouri.



Darcy Rowland

Darcy is Voice Chronicle’s Author. He is capable to cover all types of categories. His main interest is to write about Science. Darcy is available to be contacted at darcy@voicechronicle.com

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Google – Year in Search 2014

Published on Dec 15, 2014

In 2014 we searched trillions of times. What do these searches say about us? Explore the Year in Search http://www.google.com/2014 and follow the conversation on #YearInSearch

Watch past Year in Search videos: http://goo.gl/LXA4nQ

Soundtrack is ‘Divinity’, by Porter Robinson


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To start the day …. “We Are Here”!!


~~September 15, 2014~~

A message from Alicia Keys ….. 


“The day I wrote this song, I was sitting in a circle of people of all ages and we were asked, “Why are you here.” Why am I here?? This really hit me on a deep level. I realized no one had ever asked me that question before.
As I prepare to give birth to a new child, I can’t help and think about the world I’m bringing my baby into. No matter where we come from, when we see the state of the world today, we can all feel the growing frustration and desire to make a difference. And we all have a voice – we just need to know how to make it heard.
I have a vision that I believe is more than a dream, that I know can be our reality.
I believe in an empowered world community built on the true meaning of equality – where we are all considered one people, regardless of race, religion, gender, zip code, belief system or sexual orientation.


I believe all of our voices should be heard, so that our representation reflects our population. We need our leadership to reflect an equal balance of the gifts that both men and women have to offer.
I believe in a world where every child born receives a quality education – where their unique gifts are nurtured so that they may be a beneficial presence in this world.
I believe in mutual respect and cooperation among all peoples and all nations. It is time to end all forms of racial injustice for our black brothers and sisters and all people of color.


I believe in an end to the prison industrial complex in America and a renewed justice system that is based on fairness and truth.
I believe in universal global health care based on Integrative Medicine, so that our bodies are acknowledged and treated as one system, and we can help control the spread of diseases like AIDS, Malaria, TB and Ebola.
I believe we have an ability to end poverty, oppression, and hopelessness that often breeds despair, terror, and violence.
I believe in common sense gun laws that serve to protect children and families and society from unnecessary violence.


I believe in Peace & Love & Unity.
I believe that this vision can be a reality.
And, it’s not about me. It’s about WE.
Together we can give birth to a kinder and more peaceful world for ALL children.
Our souls were brought together so that we can love each other sister, brother. We Are Here. We are here for all of us.

That’s why ‪#‎WeAreHere‬.”

Sent with Light,
Alicia Keys


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~~We Are Here~~

~~Published on Sep 15, 2014~~

Music video by Alicia Keys performing We Are Here.

(C) 2014 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

~~We Are Here~~


Published on Sep 9, 2014

Alicia Keys


We ALL are ONE!!