Something to think about …. “Hate in people’s hearts need to be removed”!!


~~July 1, 2015~~ 


I completely understand the thinking process about the removal of the Confederate flag by Bree Newsome.

I get it … it won’t solve the racism problem rampart in this nation.

Yet, I think, that there’s always that the longest journey is started by the fist step.



Bree Newsome, the woman who climbed a flag pole as dawn broke in Columbia, S.C. to remove the Confederate flag that flies in front of the statehouse, has been called “courageous” and a “superhero.”

“We made this decision because for us, this is not simply about a flag, but rather it is about abolishing the spirit of hatred and oppression in all its forms,” Newsome added.

‘I refuse to be ruled by fear’.

They decided that a black woman should be the one to remove cut the flag down and that a white man, activist James Tyson, 30, would help her over the fence “as a sign that our alliance transcended both racial and gender divides.” Tyson was also arrested on Saturday.


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Taking Down The Confederate Flag Won’t ‘Solve’ Racism

If removing the flag could counter the impact of centuries of oppression, that would be incredible. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. The Confederate flag may no longer be flying over the capitol, but the families of the nine Emanuel AME Church members who were killed in the name of hatred will still never be the same.

It might seem obvious that removing the flag won’t “solve” racism, but the sentiment bears repeating. Taking down the Confederate flag is just a band-aid over a gaping wound, and right now, our country is still bleeding.

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