Something to think about …. “Am I Worth Saving? …. What Say You?”!!


~~March 2, 2016~~ 


The atmosphere of the Earth has a different composition from that of other planets in part due to the biochemical reactions of Earth’s organisms.

Trees and plankton play a big role in this. You’ve probably heard that trees produce oxygen, but have you ever wondered how much oxygen that is? You’ll hear a range of numbers and ways of presenting them because the amount of oxygen produced by a tree depends on the species of tree, its age, its health, and also on the tree’s surroundings. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, “a mature leafy tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year.”

Here are some other quoted figures regarding the amount of oxygen produced by a tree:

“A single mature tree can absorb carbon dioxide at a rate of 48 lbs/year and release enough oxygen back into the atmosphere to support 2 human beings.”

~McAliney, Mike. Arguments for Land Conservation~

Documentation and Information Sources for Land Resources Protection, Trust for Public Land, Sacramento, CA, December, 1993


“One acre of trees annually consumes the amount of carbon dioxide equivalent to that produced by driving an average car for 26,000 miles. That same acre of trees also produces enough oxygen for 18 people to breathe for a year.”

~~New York Times~~


“A 100-ft tree, 18″ diameter at its base, produces 6,000 pounds of oxygen.”

~Northwest Territories Forest Management~


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Thoughts for today …. #144: Carol Burnett is so right!!


~~April 27, 2015~~ 


82 years ago, Carol Burnett was born.

Carol Creighton Burnett (born April 26, 1933) is an American actress, comedian, singer, and writer. She is best known for her long-running TV variety show, The Carol Burnett Show, for CBS. She has achieved success on stage, television, and film in varying genres including dramatic and comedy roles.

After a difficult childhood in San Antonio, Texas with alcoholic parents, Burnett discovered acting and comedy in college. She performed in nightclubs in New York City and had a breakout success on Broadway in 1959 inOnce Upon a Mattress, for which she received a Tony Award nomination. She soon made her television debut, regularly appearing on The Garry Moore Show for the next three years, and won her first Emmy Award in 1962.

Burnett moved to Los Angeles, California and began an 11-year run as star of The Carol Burnett Show on CBS television from 1967 to 1978. With its vaudeville roots, The Carol Burnett Show was a variety show that combined comedy sketches with song and dance. The comedy sketches included film parodies and character pieces. Burnett created many memorable characters during the show’s television run, and both she and the show won numerous Emmy and Golden Globe Awards.

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