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Brutal Attacks on Sweden

‘We stand with Sweden in the face of these brutal attacks by swarthy poor people’

An awful incident, a terrorist attack, occurred in Sweden on February 17, 2017.

In the mid of ‘so-called president Drumpf‘, the ‘so-called’ leader of the free world.

He announced it at this ego-stroking campaign rally in Melbourne, Florida on February 18.

Needless to say, many were confused.

Mainly the country of Sweden.

The have asked for a a formal explanation.

Oh, forgot to say, it happened in Drumpf’s mind after he was watching Fox News the day before.

The news site to be trusted.



~Sweden Formally Asks Trump to Explain Comments About Fake Terror Attack~

Nathan Wellman

February 19, 2017

“When you look at what’s happening in Germany,” Drumpf said. “When you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden – Sweden!” he said during the rally.

“Who would believe this? Sweden!

They took in large numbers, they’re having problems like they never thought possible.”

The Drumpf administration has fabricated acts of violence before. Drumpf’s top aide Kellyanne Conway cited a fictional “Bowling Green Massacre” which supposedly occurred in Kentucky to defend the administration’s Muslim Immigration Ban, which bans travel into the US from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Sean Spicer, the Press Secretary, informed about a similar attack in Atlanta.

The Swedish Migration Agency processed 81,000 refugees seeking asylum in 2014, 163,000 in 2015, and 29,000 in 2016. Another 25,000 to 45,000 are expected to be accepted this year. The last terrorist attack to occur on Swedish soil took place in 2010, a suicide bombing carried out by an Iraqi-born Swede who killed only himself and injured two others.

The Drumpf administration has yet to publicly respond to Sweden’s request for clarification.

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