To start the day …. Technology will never replace human touch!!


~~July 21, 2014~~ 

Life is too short to be away from love and people we love.

This 2 minute video subtly shows how a simple gesture made a baby stop crying.

The power of love can never be calculated but only felt. Sometimes we fail to express ourselves but times when we do, its like a huge burden has lifted off us.

The father in the video lifts his child, whose constant crying worries him, and takes the baby in his arms. The reaction of the baby is something for which you should watch this video.



~~Technology will never replace love~~

~~Published on Jul 13, 2014~~

“For the words of Mothers gently shared, caressed upon the mind, find their way into the whole wide world as the children find their way and thus become, all.”


“It’s true that technology has taken over a lot of person-to-person interactions in the past ten years. In fact, “the average adult is awake for 15 hours and 45 minutes every day and 45 percent of that time is spent using a proliferation of technology.1” USA Today even dubbed 2010 as “The year we stopped talking to one another.” Where does that leave us in 2014? The answer is on all of our shoulders: we have to start making the right choices.

Technology has the potential to be anything, but we cannot let it be everything.  At its most efficient form we should use it as tool to help solve problems. Because thats all it is: a tool. We need to stop using it as a free pass to bad manners and start using it as a means to better human-to-human communications.”



We always need to remember: 


We ALL are ONE!! 

At the end of the day …. “Double Trouble” keeps me company!!

~~July 8, 2014~~


Hi! My official name is “Double Trouble” but everyone calls me “Kitty“.

I lived in the streets until a few months ago. I had the fortune of being at the right place, at the right time. I found someone who wanted to take care of me. I came to this home the day after we met.

The name “Double Trouble” was given to me because that’s all I did: get in trouble. I climbed and climbed, chewed through fabric and electric cables, ran up and down the hallways, climbed up the entertainment center, knocked down picture frames and figurines, ate through plastic bags to get to the bread inside them. Yes, I eat bread … love it!

I feel quite the lucky cat, despite my color! 

I’m all black and have hazel eyes. I think I am about 6-8 months old.


In the time that I’ve been here, I went through two cycles during which I could only mew and mew and slide on every surface I found. One day I was taken out of the house to a cool, metallic place and these episodes haven’t recurred at all.

I can say that I have calmed down quite a bit. Now, I sleep a lot. And I behave much better. It was either that or a new home would have been found for me. Guess I better behave, right?


I really like this house and my new found family. There are kids here that play with me and my owners take very good care of me. They feed me … a can of wet food every morning and dry food during the day. There’s plenty of water and I have my own “potty spot”.


One of my owners went out of town today. She will be gone for a while.

The other one stayed with me and I need to take care of her. 


Tonight I’m on guard because a storm is headed this way.

I can hear the thunder at a distance. 


I’m the lucky black cat who found a good home. I also have kept my claws. My owners will never have them taken out.

The lucky black cat with the funny name: “Double Trouble“.

Happy and content as can be.


~~Adopt a Black Cat Today~~

MeadowLake HumaneSociety

~Uploaded on Mar 23, 2011~

Did you know that Black Cats are the least likely to be adopted from animal shelters?

Here are 10 reasons to adopt a Black Cat today!

The last cat in this video (Patootie) has been with MLDHS since January 22, 2010 (OVER A YEAR!).

The rest have been at the shelter since September 6, 2010.


We ALL are ONE!!