“He Ain’t Heavy, He’s my brother” …. a different perspective!!


~~July 25, 2014~~ 

Wildlife Awareness & Conservation

“We are the Voice of the Voiceless”

~~Desert Ellies of Namibia~~

Dedicated to the Desert Elephants of Namibia who are fighting for their lives because of Trophy hunters. We will fight for you.



Wild Heart is a page is dedicated to all the wild animals of the world that are abused, poached, hunted and generally exploited in the name of greed.

The magnificent rhino are being poached into extinction and the elephants and lions are being poached and over hunted. It has to stop.
The kind compassionate people of the world are still the majority. We just have to make them aware of what is happening with the exploitation and decimation of our animal kingdom.

“Sharing is caring”.

All our beautiful animals should be able to roam wild and free, the only way it’s meant to be.





We ALL fight the FIGHT!!


~~He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother~~

Michael North

~~Published on Sep 22, 2012~~

Of all the four legged creatures that wander the earth, African elephants are the biggest, the most revered and the most vulnerable. These towering yet sensitive and gentle mammals are a symbol of the African Wilderness. Let us now, while there is still time, contemplate and behold the African Elephant.

We ALL are connected through NATURE!! 

Cathy, the matriarch of the Abu herd in Botswana, allowed me to stand under her to capture her beautiful amber eyes
Bull elephants fight in Tanzania