Dialysis Treatment in Vieques, Puerto Rico …. “🇵🇷 A 10-12 Hour Commute for Life-Saving Treatment …. HuffPost Reports 🇵🇷 …. “!!


~~October 31, 2018~~ 



This is a topic which is very dear and close to my heart.

As a retired physician, I fully understand the process, the need for treatment, the underlying medical conditions and the meaning of life-saving treatment.

On the other hand, my only brother died of complications of chronic renal failure several years ago. In the aftermath of Hurricane María, I often thought about him and how he would manage to receive this three times a week treatment when the electrical power situation and the hospital care was so lacking in my country.

One year after Hurricane María, Puerto Ricans living in Vieques, go through harrowing, uncomfortable, tiring, exhausting and dangerous ways to receive their treatment.

This video explains their situation.

An American possession with this ‘quality of care’?

Laughable … not!!



In medicine, dialysis is the process of removing excess water, solutes, and toxins from the blood in people whose kidneys can no longer perform these functions naturally.

This is referred to as renal replacement therapy.



Dialysis Patients Are Still Trekking 12 Hours for Care After Hurricane María
Left without a hospital, some Puerto Ricans must travel by plane for lifesaving treatment

Hurricane María totaled Vieques’s hospital, which housed the island’s only dialysis clinic

That set off an ongoing crisis for patients with kidney failure who cannot survive without dialysis and for whom the thrice-weekly round trip to a dialysis center in Humacao on Puerto Rico’s main island, including treatment, takes at least 12 hours.

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The Forgotten Puerto Rico …. “😥 El Puerto Rico Olvidado …. Things are NOT on way back to NORMAL 😥 …. “!!

~~October 28, 2017~~ 


I’ve been keeping tabs on the ‘official death toll’ in Puerto Rico.

During Drumpf’s shameful visit to the Island, the ‘certified number’ was 17.

Keep in mind, most of the recovery activity is centered in the metro area.

The mountain towns are forgotten. 



Puerto Rico is mostly mountainous with large coastal areas in the north and south. The main mountain range is called “La Cordillera Central” (The Central Range).

The highest elevation in Puerto Rico, Cerro de Punta. 1,339 meters (4,393 ft), is located in this range.




“Comparto con ustedes un poco de lo que hemos visto en el centro de Puerto Rico para cuando traten de venderles que todo se está normalizando sepan que no es cierto.”


Alexandra Lúgaro



“I’m sharing video of a bit of what we have seen as we traveled to the center of Puerto Rico. I do so because I want you to know that when they try to tell you that things are getting back to normal, you can see that they are not.”

Alexandra Lúgaro



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They didn’t indeed …. Nikola versus Edison!!

~~June 10, 2014~~

The story of Nikola Tesla is one of the great personal tragedies of modern history.

Arguably one of the greatest scientific geniuses of all time, Tesla faced poverty, slander and persecution during his lifetime. His numerous inventions and discoveries offered the potential to revolutionize the world, and when and where they were implemented, they did so.

But Telsa came into conflict with Thomas Edison, America’s foremost inventor at the time, and Edison’s superior sense of business and advertising destroyed Tesla’s reputation and left him and many of his ideas frustrated and unfulfilled. Thankfully, with the rise of steampunk and a renewed interest in nineteenth century science, Tesla has come back into the public eye and, one hopes, will finally get the recognition he deserves.

Tesla was born in 1856 into a Serbian family living in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. From an early age, Tesla was fascinated with science and endeavored to become an engineer. When he immigrated to the United States in the 1880s, he brought with him an idea for a new and more efficient method of power generation known as Alternating Current (AC).

He was introduced to Thomas Edison, then one of America’s most prestigious inventors and the man responsible for the incandescent light bulb being used increasingly throughout the United States. But Edison was not interested in helping Tesla develop Alternating Current, which would have represented a direct challenge to the Direct Current (DC) system of generation already in use by Edison.

Instead, Edison hired Tesla to make improvements to the DC generation plants, allegedly offering $50,000 if the seemingly impossible task could be accomplished. When, far from failing, Tesla made an impressive overhaul of the generator design, Edison claimed that the offer of $50,000 had been a joke.

Tesla promptly resigned.

Faced with financial hardship, Tesla was eventually reduced to digging ditches for the Edison company. In 1887, Tesla filed patents for his AC power generation technology. Soon after, he joined with industrialist George Westinghouse to try and realize the dream of AC power. Because of AC’s superior qualities, this represented a direct attack on Edison’s DC power. What followed was a competition known as the “War of the Currents.” Edison, already extremely adept at advertising and self-promotion, launched into a vicious propaganda campaign as he tried to brand AC power as inherently dangerous.

In addition to his slander, Edison had a man named Professor Harold Brown travel around giving demonstrations of animals being electrocuted with Alternating Current on stage in front of audiences. (He even killed an elephant with it once). In 1890, Brown conducted the first electric chair execution, using an AC generator. Efforts were then made to have the technique of electrocution named “Westinghousing.”

In spite of Edison’s horrendous propaganda, in 1893, the Columbian Exhibition (a World’s Fair held in Chicago) was lit by a hundred thousand lamps powered by AC generators.

In the end, Tesla and Westinghouse persevered, but the monetary damages imposed by the War of Currents robbed Tesla of his financial security.

The radical development of Alternating Current that set him so at odds with Edison was but one of Tesla’s many scientific accomplishments. Others included the discovery of wireless energy transmission, experiments with long-distance radio, x-ray photography, radio-based remote control, proto-robotics, radar, and even a death ray (which he invented with hope of ending war by making the invasion of a country impossible).

The tragedy of Tesla is profound.

He was truly a genius and a visionary, and his death, alone and penniless, is both heartbreaking and unworthy of a man of his accomplishments and life-long altruism.




Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison: How The Course Of History Was Changed

Watch here:

~Published on Mar 29, 2013~

International bankers, auto magnates and government colluded to hijack Nikola Tesla’s invention that would have provided the world with free-energy. Today, the consumer is saddled with a system largely reliant on antiquated, expensive, and highly polluting sources of energy. (contd. below)

Adding insult to injury, the downtrodden are now being blamed for the environmental mess the profiteers have caused, and punished with higher taxes and controls. The only benefit will be to those with a vested interest in propagating the global warming/climate change swindle.

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~The History of Nikola Tesla – a Short Story~

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Tesla’s influence goes much further than electricity.

He had over 700 patents, and came up with ideas such as

Spark Plugs
the Electric Arc Lamp
an Xray Device
Blade less turbines
Wireless communication
Electric motors
Laser technology
Neon Lights
Remote Controls
Cellular communication
The radio
An electrical bath to remove germs
Wireless communication
And much more

Tesla died from heart failure in a room of the New Yorker Hotel, on January 7th 1943. Despite his fame and influence on the world, he died with significant debts, and all alone.

While Edison is known as the inventor of the century, Tesla is only acknowledged as a paragraph in today’s history books, forgotten, and unappreciated.

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