To start the day …. “Nature Is Speaking …. Edward Norton is The Soil”!!


~~August 21, 2015~~ 


Conservation International Launches Celebrity Studded Awareness Campaign Nature Is Speaking

Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature.

That’s the message of the provocative, celebrity-studded campaign Conservation International (CI) has launched. Nature Is Speaking aims to raise awareness that people need nature in order to survive.

Conservation International: Nature is Speaking

Edward Norton is The Soil




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The Soil Tells People They Treat It Like Dirt In Film Series from Conservation International

​Academy Award Nominee Edward Norton Lends Voice to Nature Is Speaking

“You have withered me away to less than half of what I used to be just over 100 years ago. Are you paying attention, I am turning to dust,” states The Soil.

Healthy and productive soil has always been necessary to humanity’s survival. Soil is the foundation of our agriculture and economy. With a global population more than 7 billion people, we are putting more stress on the soil than ever before to feed the growing population. More than 75 billion tons of soil disappears each year and it can take over 500 years for nature to replace one inch of eroded soil.

Edward Norton on voicing “The Soil“: “I come from a family of conservation activists, and so I’ve had a strong connection to nature all my life. My father has been a leader within the movement for over 30 years and has taught most of what I know about environmental conservation. While he would always take me hiking, camping and rafting, he also taught me that the spiritual value of the outdoors alone, is not enough to save nature against economic interests. We must realize that nature is absolutely essential for our survival, and we must act on that premise now. That’s why I serve on the board of Conservation International and am also the United Nations Ambassador for Biodiversity.”

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~~Nature Is Speaking~~

Edward Norton is The Soil

~~Published on Oct 5, 2014~~

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