To start the day …. “Duet: You Can’t Make Old Friends”!!


~~February 22, 2016~~


It’s been 43 years since ….

True friends are very important to me. They have always been.

They make the fabric of life and traversing through it a bit easier.

Sometimes, life has way of separating friends.

Yet, true friends are always there, no matter what. No matter what the circumstances are.

There’s one very special person who comes to mind.

I met a very special person when I started medical school in 1972.

Life has separates us, in the physical dimension, plenty of times.

Lately, the distance has been bigger than usual.

The reasons, I haven’t been able to understand.

Surprisingly, she sent me the link to this duet by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton.

The lyrics mean a lot to me.

Wherever you are, thank you!

Whatever your reasons are, I have to accept them.

Here’s hoping we get back together soon.




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Kenny Rogers Has Been Friends With Dolly Parton For Years

I NEVER Thought I’d See Them Do THIS!

Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton are the best of friends.

These country music halls of famers have been close since a long time back. The beautiful song featured below shows how their friendship has affected them over the course of time. Sometimes they didn’t get a chance to meet each for a long period, but that didn’t affect their relationship, since it was as if they had never left each other’s side.

This heart touching duet given below is titled “You Can’t Make Old Friends”.

They recorded it as a memory to look back on and to cherish forever. Roger says that recording this song together with Dolly helped them connect more personally. The words of the song are simply amazing and I am really glad they collaborated for this masterpiece!

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Kenny Rogers Has Been Friends With Dolly Parton For Yrs…But I NEVER Thought I’d See Them Do THIS!


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~~You Can’t Make Old Friends~~

~~Published on Nov 27, 2013~~

Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton


We ALL are ONE!!