His Royal Highness …. the Prince of Cambridge!


His Royal Highness .... the Prince of Cambridge!

The royal baby name is here: George Alexander Louis.

That makes the new baby’s name, including his title, HRH Prince George of Cambridge.

George was the expected choice, George was the obvious choice,” Nameberry’s Pamela Redmond Satran tells HuffPost Parents, explaining, “There have been many more king Georges in recent centuries than any other name, so I think they went for tradition on that one — but broke with tradition in terms of giving him three names instead of four.

And I think Alexander and Louis in the middle place, versus honoring George’s father, grandfather, or great-grandfather, is a departure.”

Nameberry further explains:

A Greek name meaning “farmer,” George was the name used as king by Queen Elizabeth’s father, called King George VI but whose given name was Albert.

George VII is expected to be the name used by Prince Charles should he ascend the throne. In addition, Saint George is the patron saint of England, known for his legendary defeat of a dragon.

Alexander has Greek origins, too, and Louis — which is among Prince William’s middle names — could be a nod to Louis Mountbatten, a mentor to Prince Charles.

The royal announcement has been made!!!

We ALL awaited and received Prince George!!


We ALL are ONE!!!