To start the day …. “Ponder These Questions”!!


~~June 10, 2015~~ 




Growing up we are told many things,
One being, you can do anything.
But somewhere between child and adult,
Things change and we no longer sing.

Life takes on a whole different meaning,
From what we may have first believed.
We all get so caught up in what life expects,
And forget what we all could achieve.

Whoever told you, you weren’t allow,
To follow all of your dreams?
Was it someone who took away your dream,
Or was it you who was afraid of your schemes.

Whatever the reason, I now must ask,
Why not you, don’t you think
It’s time for you to take control of your life,
So you’ll be happy to look back with no regret.

Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2012




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~~Motivational – Why not You?~~

The Journey of Purpose

~~Published on May 19, 2015~~
We all have different “why’s”.

Whether it is for one’s own pleasure or for the deeper purpose it’s not always about finding the answers, sometimes you just need to be asking the right questions.
Speech by Jim Rohn
Music by Tony Anderson – Gift of Life 0:08
Melodysheep – Joy of Discovery 1:18


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We ALL are ONE!! 


Liang Yaoyi’s wish …. came true on the last day of his life!!


~~July 26, 2014~~ 

~Liang Yaoyi~

Doctors Bow In Reverence To Cancer Victim Who Donated Organs ‘To Be A Great Kid’

An 11-year-old’s wish to give the gift of life to others came true on the last day of his life. The photograph above shows doctors bowing to Liang Yaoyi, a gifted student from Shenzhen, China, who died from a brain tumor in June. His mother can be seen crying in the background.

Today’s top photo is a pretty powerful one.

Incredibly touching.


Liang was diagnosed with the tumor at the age of 9, just after he moved to Shenzhen to join his brother and sister, and to attend primary school, Shanghai Daily reports. One day, Liang felt dizzy and the next day had trouble walking, so his sister took him to a hospital where he learned he had a brain tumor.

Before passing away on June 6, Liang told his mother, Li Qun, that he wanted to donate his organs.

“There are many people doing great things in the world,” he said according to China Daily. “They are great, and I want to be a great kid too.”


CCTV News reported that Liang also said it was also a chance for him to be “alive in another way.”

Liang’s teacher said he may have learned of organ donation by reading stories in a school textbook. Liang’s mother honored his wishes and doctors were able to save his kidneys and liver for donation, according to China Daily.

The picture has created a firestorm within Chinese media outlets and on Reddit, where users commented on the beauty of the photo, the strength of Liang and the importance of organ donation.


A Red Cross staff member hands a certificate of honor to Li Qun for the organs donated by her son, Liang Yaoyi. The 11-year-old boy in Shenzhen, south China’s Guangdong province, decides to donate his organs before he died on June 6, 2014, from a brain tumor. Within eight hours of his death, the boy’s organs he wanted to donate saved numerous lives.



Liang’s desk is still placed in the first row in the classroom, but his chair will be empty, forever.

[Photo/Shenzhen Evening News]


You Have the Power to Donate Life. Register as an Organ, Eye and Tissue Donor Today.




~~Brain tumor teenage victim donates organs~~

~~Published on Jun 11, 2014~~

An 11-year-old boy in south China’ s Guangdong Province recently touched many hearts by choosing to donate his organs during the last moments of his life. Liang Yaoyi, whose life was ended by a brain tumor last Friday, June 2014, gave new life to others by electing to donate his kidneys, liver and corneas.


We ALL are connected through HUMANITY!! 


We ALL are ONE!!