IOTD …. “Image of the Day”, #56!!

~~October 27, 2014~~ 

Now you see me … now you don’t’!

It’s the time for fall colors: yellow, orange, brown, rust. It’s the time for change. A new season is starting, opening the door for a wonderful time of the year.

Are you ready?


Autumn leaf color is a phenomenon that affects the normally green leaves of many deciduous trees and shrubs by which they take on, during a few weeks in the autumn season, various shades of red, yellow, purple, and brown. The phenomenon is commonly called autumn colors or autumn foliage in British English and fall colors, fall foliage, or simply foliage in American English.

“As it appears in … “


A dear blogger friend taught me about this concept.

You can find Michelle here:

In her own words:

IOTD” is image of the day, a concept I came up with. I teach visual meditative therapy – or in easy terms – a mini mental holiday. For some people it is very difficult for them to get their image right. I post an image a day for people to use in their mini mental vacay. Some are serious, some are silly, and some are just beautiful!”


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