A Puerto Rican Moment …. “It Happens …. Gaming without Wi-Fi …. “!!


~~October 19, 2016~~ 


We had to good ones, the antique ones.

Ah, the memories!!

No Wifi then … that’s for sure!!



A spinning top is a toy designed to spin rapidly on the ground, the motion of which causes it to remain precisely balanced on its tip because of its rotational inertia.

Such toys have existed since antiquity.

Traditionally tops were constructed of wood, sometimes with an iron tip, and would be set in motion by aid of a string or rope coiled around its axis which, when pulled quickly, caused a rapid unwinding that would set the top in motion.

Today they are often built of plastic, and modern materials and manufacturing processes allow tops to be constructed with such precise balance that they can be set in motion by a simple twist of the fingers and twirl of the wrist without need for string or rope.




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We ALL are ONE!! 


At the end of the day .… “Petra Laszlo: Caught Tripping Refugees Running From Police”!!


~~September 9, 2015~~ 


Just simply imagine … put yourselves in the shoes of a terrified child who doesn’t have a clue why their world has been terribly changed.

Imagine the adrenaline rush of the adults, after going through all the journey to get to where they were.

Imagine being in a group of screaming and running human beings.

Imagine the sound of the policemen running after you to catch you and return you to the uncomfortable place you came from.

All that you know is gone, totally gone.

You see a possibility of getting away.

Getting away to where?

All that is out there is unknown.

You think you’ve made it, amidst all the screaming and running.

You can see and almost taste freedom.

Suddenly you feel yourself falling to the ground … all because this woman has extended her leg and has consciously tripped you.

All within seconds …. and the ground rises up to meet you as you fall.

Just imagine.



Hungarian camerawoman faces criminal investigation after kicking a little girl and tripping up a migrant father carrying his terrified young child as they fled police

Petra Laszlo worked for TV station run by far-right anti-immigration party
Footage shows her tripping desperate Syrian father carrying crying child
TV station sacked her for ‘unacceptable‘ behavior after watching video
Opposition parties say they will initiate charges of violence against Laszlo


The Hungarian camerawoman who was caught tripping up a desperate refugee father carrying his child has been caught on a second video – kicking a fleeing girl.

Petra Laszlo is now set to face a criminal investigation over her shocking assaults, which she carried out while filming Syrian refugees as they fled across a field on the Hungarian-Serbian border.

Laszlo has also been fired from her job at Hungarian news site N1TV, which is run by the anti-immigration far-right Jobbik party.

“As it appears in …. full rad/full credit”




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~Hungarian Camerawoman Caught Tripping Refugees Running From Police~

~Published on Sep 8, 2015~

A Hungarian camerawoman was fired after kicking and tripping refugees running from the police.

She worked for the far-right Jobbik-affiliated channel N1TV.

This comes after another Hungarian news channel’s leaked internal memo that requested refugee children be excluded from news packages.


We ALL are ONE!! 


To start the day …. “The Best Day Ever”!!


~May 21, 2015~~ 


The seven-day-old horse that thinks he’s a dog as he rolls around with owner on the ground

Footage shows the seven-day-old foal nuzzling Sunny Bayne‘s shoulder before pushing her to the ground and lying on top of her belly
the young rider from Kentucky can’t stop smiling at the animal’s antics
to date the clip of Bayne has received thousands of hits online


This is the moment a baby horse mimics a dog as it rolls over and nuzzles with its handler on the ground.

Footage shows the seven-day-old foal nuzzling Sunny Bayne’s shoulder before pushing her to the ground and lying on top of her belly.

The young rider from Kentucky can’t stop smiling at the animal’s silly antics.

‘This is the best day of my life,’ she exclaims as the cuddling session continues.



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The pony appears completely at ease and he stretches out his legs in a bid to further his relaxation.

‘Look at him,’ Bayne says to the camera as she pets the pony’s brown coat.

Finally, after almost a minute, the creature decides he’s had enough and he gets back up to four hooves.

Another adult horse is seen on the sidelines watching the heartwarming petting session unfold. To date the clip of Bayne has received thousands of hits online.

“As it appears in …. full read/full credit”



~~Tiny Baby Horse Thinks She’s A Dog~~

~~Published on Apr 21, 2015~~

People love their animals. That is the understatement of all time. We have seen all creatures return the affection in various ways. We are always pleased to have our affection returned, and have come to expect the normal expressions of that affection from various animals.

Dogs wag their tails when they are excited to see us, and jump up to hug us or roll around on the floor when we get down to play. Cats purr and roll over to have their bellies rubbed and often sidle up to our legs to express affection. With horses we see nodding of their heads, a lick and recently we even saw a video of a man kissing his horse and the horse pecking him back!

But I’ve never see a horse do what this foal did; she shocked her owner as well. The woman came home from work and came to greet the baby horse. She came galloping up to the fence and was being very playful. The woman climbed over the fence and got a greeting that was so unexpected and unusual.

Watch this video to see the delightful interplay that ensued.

Truly amazing and sweet!


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We ALL are ONE!!