Marisa Miller Protests SeaWorld …. “SeaWorld of Hurt”!!


~~May 6, 2015~~ 

From a Pregnant Mother’s Perspective

Today, it’s relatively common knowledge that orcas are highly social and sensitive beings and that marine-mammal mothers share a bond with their babies, just as human mothers do with their children.

That’s why model Marisa Miller, who’s now expecting her second child, chose to expose her bare pregnant belly and raise her voice in defense of mother and baby orcas who are being held captive at SeaWorld.

Orcas at SeaWorld are trapped inside cramped tanks. They are often inbred, and calves are torn away from their mothers. Marisa talks to PETA about watching Blackfish as a mother.


Marisa Miller is stripping down with an important message in mind. 

The 36-year-old supermodel, who is currently pregnant with her second child, teamed up with PETA for a nude photo shoot and provocative ad, aimed at raising awareness over the alleged animal abuses at SeaWorld.

The eye-catching ad features the expectant beauty posing completely nude in a bathtub (per the press release, she is putting herself “in the place of captive orcas at SeaWorld”) alongside text which reads, “SeaWorld: Separating Babies and Mothers Since 1970” as well as a message asking fans to “Boycott SeaWorld.” 

In the accompanying interview, Miller says she was inspired to pose for the campaign after seeing Blackfish, a popular 2013 documentary which focuses on the controversy over captive killer whales (Seaworld has disputed the accuracy of the film).

“Being a mom and seeing Blackfish, it was extremely emotional,” Miller says. “I think any mother knows the sense of protection and connection you have with your baby.”


Orcas are intelligent animals who swim up to 100 miles a day in the wild, but at SeaWorld, they’re confined to tanks that allow them to swim only 0.0001 percent of this distance.

SeaWorld is a horrible place for orcas, who endure stress, boredom, and depression in captivity. In the wild, orcas live in large social groups, often spending their entire lives with their families.

Remember: Every purchase of a SeaWorld ticket contributes directly to the suffering of these highly emotional animals.

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~Surfer, Supermodel, Pregnant Mom — Marisa Miller Goes After SeaWorld~

~Published on May 5, 2015~

Much like that between human moms and children, the connection between orca mothers and babies is one of the strongest in the world. Check out pregnant mom Marisa Miller’s important statement in behalf of orcas and their families suffering at SeaWorld.




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