Thoughts for today …. #50!!

~~November 22, 2014~~ 

“Sometimes in life we have to end relationships that we would rather not end. When we truly have loved someone with everything inside of us, letting go of that person does not even seem reasonable. Sometimes we just have to let go of that person or situation because that pain is taking us farther away from our life’s pursuit of happiness, whether you realize when you need to or not.

In order to let go we must first let go emotionally. Crying and laughing are some good ways to let go of the past, using each tear to remove the emotional pain, and each laugh to spark a feeling of happiness. We must forgive and release any ill feelings towards anyone involved into what we just let go of. Last but not least we must remember to bless whoever was involved in whatever situation we let go of, and not to hold any negative feelings towards them, as this will take you farther in life than you may ever know.”

“As it appears in …. “





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We ALL are ONE!!