To start the day …. “Laws of Eternity”!!


~~September 6, 2014~~

To any new reader and to those who stop by this “spot” regularly, I always write my last post as “At the end of the day” …. last night was no exception. And I always start posting as “To start the day” ….

A very dear friend and reader stopped by last night and left an incredible comment that I knew I needed to share as the “To start the day” post this morning. 

First and foremost I need to thank yathzeebutterfly who left this wonderful message last night:

“Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena.

It’s a blue dot suspended in a sunbeam.

Amazing to consider all that is the Universe!

So much beauty in Nature just on this blue dot!”


~~The Laws of Eternity by Tashunka Witko~~

Kanal von CanteOhitikaHoksila

~~Uploaded on Mar 13, 2011~~

“The wind blows across the prairie where the buffalo and the people used to roam. Gone are the campfires. No more do we travel this land…this land of beauty and freedom.

We did not own the land. How can you cage Mother Earth? How can you cage Spirit? Spirit should be free as should Mother Earth.

We can hear Mother Earth weeping. Her cries of sorrow get louder as each season passes. When will her cries be heard?

Listen my brothers. Hear Her as we do. Hear Her cries of sorrow. The cries that only man can halt. So please listen to the wind: the breath of Mother Earth before She speaks to us:

“You understand…. and if you don’t, if you believe, or if you doubt…. the Universe of justice and the eyes of Truth are always watching you.”


It’s beyond words …. if only we could go back in time … in all sense of the word, go back to Nature, back to “human-ness” … do away with frills, greed and things that come with progress. This land was theirs ….. and it was taken! 

Thanks, dear friend, YB …. many thanks!!







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We ALL are connected through NATURE!!


We ALL are ONE!!