To start the day …. “Rescued Bears given a new life”!!

~~November 6, 2014~~

Seventeen bears have been rescued from what would have been a life sentence in miserable concrete pits in Helen, Georgia.

Bears rescued from the sensory-depriving pits in Helen, Georgia, have been given a new life at the Wild Animal Sanctuary, where they now live in vast species-specific habitats that are measured in acres, not feet, and offer a great deal of enrichment, including a large pond and climbing structures. They have the freedom to roam, nest, forage, and enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, and they will receive exceptional veterinary care for themselves and their newborn cubs.

They are now roaming acres of natural habitat at The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado, where they are already rolling in the grass, racing around their fields, and enjoying relative freedom and fresh mountain air in a stunning 60-acre habitat.

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~PETA Rescues 17 Bears From Concrete Pits~

~~Published on Jan 18, 2014~~

Bears are given new life, acres to explore at a Colorado sanctuary, thanks to PETA, Sam Simon, the Wild Animal Sanctuary, and the Atlanta Humane Society.


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