To start the day …. Steps for self care!!


~~August 9, 2014~~ 


“Self care refers to actions and attitudes which contribute to the maintenance of well-being and personal health and promote human development. In terms of health maintenance, self care is any activity of an individual, family or community, with the intention of improving or restoring health, or treating or preventing disease. A holistic health approach is common in self care.

Some place self care on a continuum with health care providers at the opposite end to self care. In modern medicine, preventive medicine aligns most closely with self care. A lack of adherence to medical advice and mental illness can make self care difficult. Self care is seen as a partial solution to the global rise in health care costs placed on governments. The notion that self care is a fundamental pillar of health and social care means it is an essential component of a modern health care system governed by paper pushers  and legislation.

Self care is the primary form of primary care due to illness Self-management is critical. Self care is any necessary human regulatory function which is under individual control, deliberate and lay initiated. Self care is learned, purposeful and is continuous. In philosophy, self care refers to the care and cultivation of self in a comprehensive sense, focusing in particular on the soul and the knowledge of self.”



~~The First 10 Steps to Extreme Self Care~~

~~Uploaded on May 12, 2008~~

Simply Extreme – The Extreme Simplicity of Self Care
Step by step guidelines for how to stop letting stress and overwhelm get in the way of creating an amazing life.

As a Professional women how many excuses can you come up with not to take care of yourself? Do you feel Alone? Do you feel that no one understands you? Do you feel you are so busy, you can never find time for yourself? Do you feel so overwhelmed that you just can’t make a move?


We ALL are ONE!!