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~~February 27, 2017~~ 


The Drumpf family, including sons Eric and Don, have always traveled all over the world on business. Now that they run the Drumpf business interests and must have Secret Service protection, it costs money to protect them.

Melania and son Barron stay most of the time in the family’s New York City apartment while the ten-year-old finishes up school. It costs money to protect them there. The family travels to their place in Palm Beach, Florida, and Drumpf’s talking about retreats at his New Jersey Drumpf golf course.

That’s the way they’ve always lived their lives.

Protecting the president isn’t easy or cheap, and according to estimates from The Washington Post, the cost to protect Drumpf and his family is on track to supersede the cost to protect former president and his family by hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Charitable Organizations to care for our veterans …. Anyone else wonder?

~~January 3, 2015~~ 

Veterans, Inc.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is working diligently to take care of homeless veterans, but the scope of the problem is so vast that no one agency can do it alone. Eradicating homelessness among veterans requires partnerships between a myriad of government and private entities. Think of it like the American Cancer Society or the American Lung Association. While the government funds a considerable amount of medical research, those organizations have existed for years because of the general public’s desire to see even more done in the fight against killer diseases.

In our case, the fight is against homelessness and the despair, PTSD, substance abuse and other factors that contribute to homelessness. If you agree that veterans facing these life-threatening challenges, many the result of serving in combat, deserve more help than the government can provide, we ask you to contribute.

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New Report Reveals Nation Still Not Fully Equipped to Support Women Veterans

While the federal government has raced to establish programs to serve combat veterans, the current system that awaits women transitioning from military service is a disjointed patchwork of programs marked by serious gaps in health care, housing, other community support services, employment and efforts to eradicate sexual assault, according to a landmark report released today by Disabled American Veterans.

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Wounded Warrior Project


A veterans service organization that offers a variety of programs, service and events for wounded veterans of the military actions following the events of September 11, 2001. It operates as a nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization with a mission to “honor and empower Wounded Warriors” of the c, as well as provide services and programs for the family members of its registered “alumni,” as its registered veterans are called.

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