“How You Love Me” …. by Annie Kagan!!


~~August 23, 2014~~ 

A beautiful song ….. 


“Starship sails out of the harbor

As I surrender into the endlessness of night …. 

I will always remember how you loved me

Always remember your life ….

Moments come and go

Just like the leaves on the trees

As I sail the stormy sea

As I sail into the night ….. 

Always remember your light

How I am loved and how I am free

I will always remember the beauty of your life

Always remember your love is mine …… “


~~The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: Annie Kagan~~

~~Published on Apr 26, 2013~~

A true account of life after life. Written by Annie Kagan…Inspired by deceased brother, Billy. Song, “How You Love Me“, also written and performed by Annie Kagan.

Connect with Annie on her FB page, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers. Links to her book and song can be found there.



Enjoy the beat, the music, the lyrics, the meaning, the feeling …. soothing! 


I will always remember how your love …. 


We ALL are ONE!!