Best wishes to the “Just married” couple”? ….. Think not!!

~~September 30, 2014~~

“We’ve seen some sick things in our time, hunting and poaching, animal abuse, neglect its all abuse.

Seriously though “Just Married“. Well Scott if this is the way you treat a lady, then frankly you are no man, and for the lady to actually believe this is ethically “moral” then she is just as bad.

We are actually lost for words, its not the first time we’ve seen something like this. Proposals over a dead hunted corpse is one thing, this though is just a smack in the face to Africans. It’s ALL OK though because Scott (last name were leaving out) states after a mortified friend asked “Tell me you didn’t kill that beautiful Zebra”

Scott replies – No. I trained him to lay there for pictures. Seriously though, yes I did. All of it was used. None of it wasted.

It is an animal, not a human.


That kill was far more humane than anything mother nature had in store for him so no need to tell me I’m cruel.

Lions chasing a zebra for food is not natural but killing with a gun and then posing over the dead carcass with a “just married” sign IS ……

We will let you be the judge and jury on this. Frankly we feel sick and are angered over this.

Over and out.”

“As is appears in … “



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We ALL are ONE!!