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~~September 17, 2015~~ 

Julian Lennon gives fans a look “Through the Picture Window” with new documentary

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Julian Lennon is a musician, photographer and a filmmaker. You can also add cook to that list. Some may not know this, but John Lennon’s son is very good in the kitchen, revealing that if he weren’t a singer or visual artist, he’d likely be a chef.



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He wants to tell the story behind “Everything Changes,” his fifth studio album and the first to hit the U.S. in 15 years. The set comes nearly 30 years after Lennon unveiled his debut, “Vallotte,” which spawned the hit “Too Late for Goodbyes” and earned a young Lennon a best new artist Grammy nomination.

Ever since he’s been in and out of the music industry, exploring his other passions during those long stints in between albums. “I love the writing and recording and performing but all the business stuff in between is not something I care for too much…In regards to all the work I do I very much consider it from an angle of being a true artist,” said Lennon. “And a lot of use of was being made of whose son I was, Beatles…and all of that. And I wanted to push away from that – and I wanted to prove myself –- to myself first and foremost –- that was actually I guess as good as I think I am in the songwriting department and all the work I’m doing.”

But a couple of years ago, the timing for new music just felt right, so Lennon, 50, hit the studio to record the tracks for “Everything Changes.” The songs that made it on the album span many themes –- from romance and introspection to humanitarian concerns. The lead single, “Someday,” features mystical Eastern melodic motifs, as well as a guest appearance by Steven Tyler.

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~Through The Picture Window~

Julian Lennon

~Published on Dec 10, 2013~

Trailer for the Julian Lennon feature length documentary, ‘Through The Picture Window‘. Released 11th December 2013. Available on DVD and App.


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