At the end of the day …..

~~March 14, 2014~~

“I lost her once …. I will not lose her again”

Words uttered many moons ago.

The realization of a dream dreamt

While innocent and pure.

Life offered another chance

to fully live as one.

How wonderful it was

to realize a commitment

just for two.

And, that it was

for a time, at last.

Sad to see how this has changed

because things get in the way.

The commitment is the same,

so they say.

There are distractions in the way

and chosen responsibilities

taken upon oneself

take precedence.

The importance of the chosen responsibility

is understood.

Still the pain is plain as day

Because it seems,

as I drift away,

that nothing is done

to not let me stray.

I’m on the loose

but not by choice.

It seems there is no other way.

One, made up of two,

is drifting along separate ways.

“I lost her once …. I will not lose her again”

May be just words

that once were said.


“Cold” – Jorge Méndez

(Sad Piano & Violin Instrumental)


~~Barely holding on~~