Rachel Maddow Show …. “Talking Arizona Latino Vote …. ‘Mi Familia Vota’ …. “!!


~~September 3, 2016~~ 


Rachel discussed the fact that 31% of the Arizona population is Latino.

AZ is a deeply red state which has the potential of become blue in 2016.

There’s a local movement intensely trying to register locals in time to be able to vote for the Presidential elections come November 8.

Rachel explained the situation and interviewed Francisco Heredia.

Take a look at the TV ad which has been airing locally.

It’s an effort of many television personalities, who have put aside their differences and competing TV stations.

All with the purpose of activating registration of the Latino vote.



New Spanish-language TV ad in Arizona designed to boost Hispanic voter registration

A first-of-its-kind media campaign launches in Arizona on Wednesday, August 31, in hopes of boosting Hispanic voter registration to historic highs

A new public service announcement co-produced by the state’s largest Spanish-language television and radio stations is set to air roughly 2,500 times through Election Day on Univision and Telemundo television stations and will feature DJ’s and talk show hosts from some of the state’s most popular Spanish-language radio stations, according to organizers.

The campaign is the brainchild of Mi Familia Vota, a nonpartisan voter registration group that is seeking to register roughly 95,000 new Latino voters in six states this year.

While volunteers are rounding up new registrants in California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada and Texas, Arizona is seen as the crown jewel of the effort this year.

That’s because no other state has been on the front lines of the years-long immigration policy fights and Hispanic leaders are eager to demonstrate their community’s growing political clout in the state.

No matter how a new voter registers, Mi Familia Vota is hoping to boost the numbers with its new ad campaign, which stars Spanish-language television and radio news anchors and morning talk show hosts. 

The ad begins with anchors asking whether the viewer is 18 or older and registered to vote. It reminds the viewer that voter registration continues in Arizona through Oct. 10.


“We are extremely proud of our Latino media partners,” said Ben Monterroso, executive director of Mi Familia Vota. “They are making history in an already historic election by continuing to help build political power for the Latino community.”

The campaign is backed by Azteca America; the Phoenix and Tucson affiliates of Univision and Telemundo; Univision-owned radio stations Que Buena 105.9 FM, Mas Variedad 106.3 FM and Latino Mix 100.3 FM; Contacto Total, a Phoenix-area radio station; stations owned by Entravision Radio, including La Tricolor 103.5 FM, Jose 106.9 and 107.1 FM & ESPN 710 AM; Mary Rabago Productions LLC; Mujeres Unicas LLC; Onda 1190-AM; Prensa Hispana; Teleritmo; and UniMás Arizona.


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~~Unidos Mi Familia Vota Registrate~~

~~Published on Aug 31, 2016~~

Brainchild of Mi Familia Vota, a nonpartisan voter registration group


We ALL are ONE!! 


Thoughts for today, #383 …. “Harambe Kill …. Summarized? …. “!!


~~June 7, 2016~~ 


I know, I know, I know ….

Some are already tired and done with this topic.

As they say, “I’m over it … “

I’m not.

Like I’m not done with Cecil, the Lion’s kill either.

I’m not done with Seaworld captivity and cruelty.

I’m not done with Lolita’s 44+ years in captivity at the Miami Seaquarium.

I’m not done with the Yulin Dog Festival.

I won’t be done until these senseless killings are stopped.

I’m not done until wild animals are captive.

I won’t be done until humanity values ALL life.
Sure, human beings are important

Animals are important too.

I can’t get these actions out of my mind.



The zookeepers’ call was not questioned

The fact that all the safety regulations were not followed and the mother’s distraction is. The USDA regulations, if followed would have prevented this child from falling into the enclosure.

Had everyone lived up to their responsibilities, Harambe would still be alive.

If that is not learned from this, then all the gratitude for the human’s survival is meaningless.

One Liberal’s SLANT on Politics



One Liberal’s SLANT on Politics



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We ALL are connected through NATURE! 


We ALL are ONE!! 


Something to think about …. “Enormous Stakes for SCOTUS …. “!!


~~May 6, 2016~~ 


The Enormous, Unbelievable Stakes For The Supreme Court In 2016

Several justices are statistically likely to retire in the coming years. None of them have revealed plans to step down, and if all of them stick around through the end of Obama’s term, the 2016 presidential election could lead to a cataclysmic reshaping of the Supreme Court, and with it the country.

As of Election Day in 2016, three of the nine justices will be more than 80 years old. A fourth will be 78.

The average retirement age for a Supreme Court justice is 78.7, according to a 2006 study by the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy.

“Appointments to the Supreme Court are always extraordinary consequential.

But certainly under the circumstances, considering the age of a number of justices and the 5-4 splits in so many cases, it’s now more important than ever,” said Caroline Fredrickson, president of the American Constitution Society, a progressive legal advocacy group.

The modern Supreme Court is the most polarized along party lines in generations, having decided a host of deeply consequential issues by fragile 5 to 4 margins. That mirrors the increasingly political confirmation process and tendency of Democrats and Republicans to nominate judges that reflect their movement’s world view.

The replacement of even one justice, let alone several, could affect laws which have a profound impact on millions of Americans.

The Court’s conservative decisions on issues like campaign finance limits, voting rights and religious freedom would be prime candidates for revisiting if one conservative justice is replaced under a Democratic president.

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