“Big Bang” Thursday …..

~~April 10, 2014~~

I love this show!!!

It’s incredibly accurate, so funny and well done. In my area, the new episodes run on Thursdays. I wait eagerly for these new episodes. I think that I’m going to start a “Big Bang Thursday” series. May not be up to date … but I will look and see what I find. There are so many to choose from.

Whenever there’s nothing good to watch on TV (hardly ever happens, right?), there’s the many DVR’d episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” to choose from. They are hilarious and always manage to bring out hearty laughs from me. It doesn’t matter how many times you have seen the episode.

Let’s see where this takes me. 

There’s a fellow blogger who has this one going: “The Big Bang Bucket List Of A Buddhist Blogger” at : http://thelastofthemillenniums.wordpress.com/

Mine will be slightly different. The post devoted to the show.

~~Know the story behind it and meet the cast here~~


~~The Big Bang Theory Season 1: Bloopers~~

~~Published on Dec 19, 2013~~

A re-upload of The Big Bang Theory Season 1 Bloopers.

From The Big Bang Theory Season 1 Blu-Ray.

LAUGHTER is the best MEDICINE!! 

We ALL are ONE!!