Something to think about …. “What matters is what you think”!!


~~April 9, 2015~~ 

Aside from the inspirational and motivational thought included on the graphic, the awesome tattoo art work should be mentioned.

Due to the inverted position of the human performing a yoga pose, these are the symbols of the major chakras of the human body … and almost placed very close to the actual location they have on our bodies.




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Root Chakra – Represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded

Sacral Chakra – Our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences

Solar Plexus Chakra – Our ability to be confident and in-control of our lives

Heart Chakra – Our ability to love

Throat Chakra – Our ability to communicate

Third Eye Chakra – Our ability to focus on and see the big picture

Crown Chakra – The highest Chakra represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually

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We ALL are ONE!! 


Thoughts for today …. #74!!


~~December 9, 2014~~ 

This thought is so well stated. I always say that “it takes two to tango”. There’s no argument without two sides involved. If there’s no response, the argument is done. Always keep this is mind. Sometimes it’s better to walk away …. the situation will defuse. 


Mandy Hale is affectionately known around the world as “The Single Woman.” In just over three years, Mandy has garnered a massive Twitter following of a half a million people from across the globe. With a heart to inspire single women to live their best lives and to never, ever settle, Mandy cuts to the heart of the matter with her inspirational, straight-talking, witty, and often wildly humorous take on life and love. She’s also not afraid to talk about the many realities of being single in a world that still asks “And WHY are you still single?”



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We ALL are ONE!! 

At the end of the day …. a great discovery!!



~~August 14, 2014~~ 


I was browsing through the net, looking for something new (to me), interesting, creative, inspirational and soothing to post “at the end of the day”. This is what I crave for after these recent days. Something where my soul can feel comfort, peace and tranquility. 

I think I found it. I would like to share it with you.

Hope that you enjoy it as much as I have. 


Tom Barabas is an American-Hungarian pianist/keyboardist. He studied classical music at the Caracas Conservatory in Venezuela before developing a taste for rock, jazz, and New Age.


Barabas spent his childhood in Hungary, and emigrated to the US in the 1960s, living and composing in San Diego, California. In the classic style of great, onstage performers, Tom Barabas delivers a musically eloquent experience that builds rapport with his audience and invites them to fall in love with his graceful streams of sound.

An Early Start – Tom began playing music at the age of four in Budapest, Hungary. By age 12, he had attracted the interest and praise of his piano instructors and he made his public debut at the Liszt Conservatory of Music.

In 1949 his family emigrated to Venezuela where he studied classical piano and composition at the Venezuela Conservatory of Music in Caracas, Venezuela’s “Juilliard”. He earned his Master’s Degree in 1957.



“Tom’s performance was sensational. The artistry of his music and his personal charm enriched the evening for everyone. We thank him for sharing his exceptional talents with us.”

Nancy Mulligan, ASPEN Productions, Inc.

National reviewer, P.J. Birosik’s response to Tom’s music echoes the sentiments of his fans across the country – ”Barabas composes richly harmonic and well-articulated pieces that satisfy the soul and stir the imagination.” He performs with an intimacy, spontaneity and living warmth that sets him apart from other instrumentalists. His technique combines classical, Latin and jazz traditions in an unmistakably personal and joyful style.




~~Free Spirit~~

~Tom Barabas~

Sergio Montanari

~Uploaded on Jan 22, 2012~

From the album “Sedona Suite” (1992)


We ALL are ONE!!