Thoughts for today, #473 …. “Jeff: International Relations with that Country …. “!!


~~March 3, 2017~~ 


This takes me back in time to another era.

I’m sure it will also take many of you back.

I will leave you it at that!




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We ALL are ONE!! 


#LatinosUnidos …. “Thank You, Donald Trump”!!


~~July 2, 2015~~ 


Anyway, I heard what you said about the kind of people you think Latino immigrants are — people with problems, who bring drugs, crime and rape to America. While your comments are incredibly ignorant and racist, I don’t want to spend my time chastising you. I’ll leave that to your business partners like Univision and NBC, who have the power to scold you where it hurts.

Instead, I’m writing to say thank you!

You see, what you just did with your straight talk was send more Latino voters to the polls than several registration rallies combined!

Thank you for that.

Here we are pounding the pavement to get American Latinos to the polls, while your tactic proves most effective. Remarks like yours will serve brilliantly to energize Latino voters and increase turnout on election day against you and any other candidate who runs on a platform of hateful rhetoric.





You, Mr. Trump, are living in an outdated fantasy of a bigoted America.

Last week, America celebrated some amazing milestones — marriage equality, universal healthcare, removing of the confederate flag — making it clear in which direction the country is moving.

That is why racist remarks that play to extremists won’t change the tide, no matter how hard you try. They will only serve to rally more Latino voters to the polls.

Your negativity and your poorly thought out speech ignited a fire in our community.

The truth is, Mr. Trump, that your comments mean that you fail to see that immigrants are what have made this nation. They are at the core of our ideals, and they are the foundation that keeps us afloat.

No, Mr. Trump, you may not reduce us to drug dealers and rapists. We are moms and dads, sons and daughters. We are valedictorians and honor students.

We are college graduates, bankers, police officers, entertainers, teachers, journalists, politicians and we are the future of America.

Thank you for helping us in our work to energize the Latino vote and to usher in our shared future! Keep it up!




Of Honduran decent, America was born and raised in Los Angeles and received a degree in International Relations from USC. An award winning actress, she is best known for her starring role in the ABC hit Ugly Betty. America is saluted by Congress for raising the profile of Latinos in popular culture, serving as a role model for young Latinas, and working to empower the Latino community.

Thank you, Mr. Trump!

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~~America Ferrera Responds to Donald Trump’s Comments on Latinos~~

~~Published on Jul 2, 2015~~

In an open letter posted on the Huffington Post, America Ferrera has responded to Donald Trump’s controversial comments on Latino immigrants. What you just did with your straight talk was send more Latino voters to the polls than several registration rallies combined!

Thank you for that, she writes.


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