You are responsible …. it’s your energy in my “spot”!!

~~July 18, 2014~~ 

~Take Responsibility For The Energy You Bring Into This Space~

 Energy translates into passion and enthusiasm and love for what you do.

“You are responsible for your own ENERGY.”

Take responsibility for the ENERGY you bring into this space.


We all love it when people bring positive energy into our space. We also know how draining it is when people bring negative energy into our space.

“Don’t go bringing negative energy into my space.”

We should all be this wise and strong.




This is “my spot”, this is my home. 

I know of some bloggers whose “spot” gets bombarded with haters’ comments. They can be threatening, disheartening, vicious, bigoted. They have no merit. The haters latch on to the blog of others who have interacted or commented favorably in that initial blog. Their intention: intimidate, scare, bully.

Those who comment that way are jealous cowards who hide behind their monitor screens.

They need to know that there’s a tight community here and we won’t allow bullies. They defame what bloggers try to do. There are more of us than of you.

Actions and measures will be taken with the proper authorities to prevent and stop this.

“Don’t go bringing negative energy into my space.”

It won’t be allowed!

We ALL are connected through this wonderful web we WEAVE!!


We ALL are ONE!!